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Bioremediation is the complex of methods used for the purification of water, soil and air conducted with the help of the metabolic potential of biological objects – plants, fungi, insects, warms and other organisms. Bioremediation is quite a useful process which is able to purify water, soil and air in the intensive way due to the special characteristics of the certain organisms and plants. These natural purifiers have appeared in the evolutional way and they play a very important role in the existence of ecosystems and their appropriate functioning.

The human being understood the usefulness of these organisms and started to apply them for her special needs. The method of bioremediation is quite the ancient one, because the humanity noticed the qualities of the certain organisms thousands of years ago. Of course, this method was not the popular one and the scientific discoveries opened the new ways of purification, mostly on the chemical basis.

Unfortunately, purification with chemicals can not be called a safe one, because it influences the human and animal’s health.

Very often the water purified with the help of chemicals becomes contaminated with them, so the method of bioremediation is understood as the safest one. Nowadays people bother about the natural environment and try to reduce the use of chemicals in the sphere of purification and the natural use of plants and microorganisms is the most effective way to purify water and soil without the negative impact on the environment. Finally, bioremediation is the cheapest purifier, because small settlements (small villages, private houses) do not require installing great purifying plants or constructions and can solve the problem in the natural way.

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Bioremediation is a specific method of purification which is supposed to be ecologically safe and very cheap. The student is able to share his ideas concerning the further development of the methods of bioremediation and their new application on practice. The young professional can present a brief picture of the current condition of the methodology and think about the factors which influence the active use of bioremediation everywhere. One can pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the method and share the sources used for the observation of the problem with the professor.

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