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Science education is the specific form of education which is based on the delivery of the information by the expert in the discipline to the people who do not possess knowledge about the subject. Science education is aimed at the pupils, high school students and students who study at college. Students who are involved in the process of science education get to know about science of all kinds and have the choice of such branches like life, physics, earth, space sciences and a student can improve his knowledge in any of them.

Science education is considered to be the most useful form of education which can make the student interested in sciences, no wonder, science is the obligatory discipline in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, etc. Students are taught science in the most appropriate ways since the age of eight.

Teachers use the best ways to make the discipline interesting for students and to involve them in studying them, because everybody knows that such disciplines like physics, mathematics and chemistry are the leading ones and are the most useful for the development of the human civilization.

Today teachers practise informal science education to make the sciences interesting for students. The most typical forms of the informal science education are the visiting of museums, scientific communities and the usage of the latest computer programs and media.

Science education is a useful and perspective form of education and if the country wants to have smart experts in psychics, chemistry and space sciences, it should donate money into science education and the appliances for it.

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