Example Of Research Proposal In Education

Primary education is the first stage of education for everyone. Children of the age of six start their education at primary school, where they are taught the basic knowledge and develop their skills. The major subjects which are taught in primary school are reading, writing and arithmetics, because these three skills are the basic ones for the people who want to exist normally in the human society and gain higher education in future. Naturally, primary education is the obligatory nearly all over the world, because educated children are the hope and foundation of every country.

In order to provide everyone with the primary education of the appropriate level, the government of every country makes it free. Parents do not have to pay for the primary education of their children, thought there are schools, which take money for it and the additional services which improve the quality of education and life of the child there. The developed countries have already solved the problem of free primary education and children receive it without any problems.

Unfortunately in the third world countries the situation is completely different.

The government is not able to provide free education and children mainly study in the unfavorable atmosphere and the teachers agree to teach voluntary for free. Form the ethical point of view and the Declaration of Human Rights children have the right to receive primary education no matter what the financial background and social status of the family is. The world has to strive to make primary education free for everyone, because the basic knowledge and skills are not the privilege but the right.

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Sample Research Proposal On Education Topics

Free primary education is the reasonable policy of every civilized country, because every child has the right to gain free education and develop his skills. If the student is interested in the research of the problem, he has the chance to explore the question deeper and study the issue on free primary education from all sides. In addition he can suggest the unique concept of free primary education explaining the methods, aspects, functions, etc. The research proposal should contain the list of the core questions which are related with free primary education and the expectations of the results of the investigation.

A good research proposal is the detailed presentation of the project on the chosen topic and the student should be aware how to do it well. With the reliable assistance of a free example research proposal on free primary education it is easy to complete the assignment effectively, because many experienced writers have been working hard to provide one with a free sample research proposal on free primary education illustrating the persuasive tone of writing, the approach towards the problem and the structure of the paper.

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Example Of Research Proposal In Education
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