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Abortion, termination of pregnancy, signifies in medical terminology every abortion of pregnancy, and is divided into spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) and provoked abortion, alternatively induced abortion. In more colloquial terms, abortion come to signify only provoked abortion, which is the termination of pregnancy on drugs or surgical means. There is a distinction between therapeutic abortion, performed with respect to the mother’s health, and selective abortion, where a fetus aborted but where there is no threat to the mother’s health.

Sometimes terminated pregnancy implies the death of the embryo and the pregnancy is terminated without the uterus expels it, which is called missed abortion.

In the case of a multiple pregnancy, the birth of a child is not uncommon and the dismantled embryo can be born in the placenta as a so-called papyrus fetus. In the case of the missed abortion, the woman cannot get pregnant again and the treatment with the methods described below must be carried out.

Spontaneous abortion in animals is called throwing.

In horses that have difficulty following multiple birth pregnancies, for the prevention of mares throwing multiple fetuses, the vet performs selective abortion using ultrasound at the blastocyst stage and removes all fertilized eggs except one, who may go to further development.

Which abortion method to use depends on what is best for the woman, and it is always selected in consultation with the woman as far as possible.

Best way to avoid the risks of unwanted pregnancy and abortion is contraception or sexual abstinence. If a contraceptive method has failed because you forgot to take your birth control pill or the condom handled wrong, it is possible to take an emergency contraception pill within 72 hours to prevent a pregnancy from occurring by shifting the ovulation.

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This type of drug is sometimes incorrectly termed as the abortion pill, but that is not true. Emergency contraception cannot abort a pregnancy and just prevents pregnancy.

If a pregnancy occurred and the woman wishes to cancel it, it is better the earlier the pregnancy interruption is performed. Legal abortion is very safe and risk-free regardless of when in the pregnancy to make it, but quicker and easier the earlier in pregnancy that is. Pregnancy duration is first checked by ultrasound scan.

Before an abortion is carried out, there is always chlamydia tests and sometimes other samples are also taken. This is to prevent a possible infection. Chlamydia infection takes hold in the uterus after the abortion and causes uterine or pelvic inflammatory disease (endometritis or salpingitis). Legal abortions today are very safe, and most complications due to an untreated sexually transmitted infection.

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