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Apple Inc is the American corporation which produces personal and tablet computers, music players, smart phones, computer software, etc. The corporation is one of the leading ones concerning the production of the personal computers and modern operation systems with graphic interface. Due to the innovations, quality and design of the production Apple has become a brand and has got prestige which can be compared with a cult in the industry of electronics.

According to the research and statistics Apple is considered to be the most expensive brand in the world. Till the 2007 the official name of the corporation was Apple Computer Inc. When the company got rid of the word ‘computer’ in its name, it meant that the corporation changed its focus from the production of computers to electronics.

The corporation was founded in the beginning of the 1970-ies in California by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Together they created their first personal computer MOS Technology 6502. Apple Inc is known to be the second largest company after Samsung, which produces personal computers and the third largest mobile phone producer in the world. There have been many conflicts on the market between Apple and Samsung concerning the origin and design of the production of the latter.

Apple Proposal

When a student is interested in the history and development of Apple, he is able to prepare a research paper and investigate the topic deeper but first of all he should convince the professor in the relevance of the topic and prepare a successful Apple research proposal.

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The problem of Apple is quite important and urgent today, because the corporation is one of the leaders on the market of electronics and is definitely worth attention. A proper research proposal should contain interesting and informative data about the topic and explain it well. One should focus on the history of Apple, the secrets of its success, positions on the market and its production. It is important to pay attention to the ways of production, advertising, corporate affairs of the company. A student can write about the conflicts which Apple has faced and the problems which have to be solved. Finally, one can share his ideas concerning the development of the corporation and analyze the predictions in detail.

In order to complete a good research proposal one should learn everything about the process of writing with the help of the examples of the experts in this field. A free sample research proposal on Apple which can be easily found in the web can be of good help for every student, who is looking for high-quality effective assistance. On the basis of a well-analyzed free example research proposal on Apple one can improve knowledge about formatting and the correct persuasive manner of writing.

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