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Hydrology is the science which studies the water resources of Earth and analyzes the processes and phenomena which are related with water. Hydrology belongs to the circle of the sciences which study the physical and geographical peculiarities of Earth, its hydrosphere in particular. The subjects of the research are the water objects: oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, swamps and the water in its different conditions: snow, ice, underground waters, etc.

At first hydrology developed like a simple branch of physical geography, geology and navigation but in the beginning of the 20th century the science became a separate independent discipline with its own methodology and scope of research.

Because of the specific peculiarities of water objects and methods of their studying hydrology is divided into the continental hydrology, hydrology of seas and oceans and hydrology of the underground waters.

There is quite a specific type of hydrology which studies the processes related with water in the atmosphere of Earth and this branch is closely connected with meteorology.

The modern task of hydrology is not only to research the structure and elements of seas, rivers and lakes, but to analyze the condition of the water resources and the water balance of Earth and its different areas.

In addition, the science pays attention to the climatic changes on the condition of water and on the water supply of the deserting areas which suffer from the shortage of water. Hydrology pays special attention to the intensive use of the water resources for the development of the human civilization and economy.

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Research Proposal Essay

Hydrology can be called a very important science, because it studies the appropriate and reasonable usage of the water resources and the improvement of the quality of water on the planet. Hydrology is closely connected with other geographic disciplines and especially ecology, because it evaluates the impact of the climatic changes on the water and various areas of the world. The student is able to present his own vision of the further development of hydrology and solution of its problems with the help of a research proposal which would possess logical structure and up-to-date information. The proposal should include methods, purpose and sources used for the research on hydrology.

Many students have problems with their research proposals, because the process of writing is connected with the persuasive manner of writing and the ability of the wise analysis of the problem.

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