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In today’s society, teenage href=”/papers/social-psychology-passionate-love-vs-compassionate-love-784″ data-wpel-link=”internal”>love is looked upon as a subject for many different opinions. Most adults assume that teenagers are immature to understand love. As a teenager, I believe that everyone in this world is capable to love no matter how old they are. Love for family and friends are no different from the love we have towards another individual. However relationships between two teenagers are often negatively judged by others. I strongly agree that humanity was made to love at no particular age.

I don’t see how age has anything to do with maturity either.

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I’ve seen plenty of adults who have no wisdom and make more mistakes then the average teenager. Love is a human quality that all href=”/papers/goals-in-your-life-4478″ data-wpel-link=”internal”>individual needs and is something we cannot live without in this world. Adults commonly stand against teenage love because they most likely have fallen in love as teenagers and got their hearts broken.

Now as adults, they wish that someone had told them the consequences that they are trying to tell us now. It’s likely that most adults have made mistakes in love when they were teenagers that they can never go back and fix and therefore feel empathy for teenagers.

Adults are often projecting their own losses and fears onto teenage relationships. Teenagers need experiences in love to help them understand more about what love truly is. If we go through unsuccessful relationships, it will help strengthen us physically, mentally and emotionally.

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I also trust that relationships will lead us to make better choices in the future. “The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. ” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This quote establishes that love is about sacrificing and receiving knowledge in return.

Most adults who are against teenage love are parents who have teenagers. These parents may not be prepared for their child to be in a relationship because they are over-protective. There’s nothing wrong with protecting your child however when you are over-protective, it may cause negative effects. For instance, some parents undermine their children’s confidence in their own abilities to take care of themselves and get things done. As well, adults who are over-protective are actually encouraging their child’s fear of failure such that they are denied the chance to learn how to persevere.

I don’t think that being overprotective really does teenagers any favors as far as how we’ll survive in the real world when we grow up and don’t have their parents with us all the time. We will have to make decisions for ourselves. In other words, teenagers need these chances to experience more in and around love. Love is a beautiful thing that everyone should be encouraged to experience. Teenagers should not be held back from love because of our age or others and their opinions.

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