Paul Liedkie Essays The Division of labor in a law enforcement agency is broken up between the officers, sergeants, captains, lieutenants, and chiefs. Officers generally do most of the routine traffic stops and grunt work, while the higher up the ladder the more influential the work is inside the department. The Sergeants also sometimes are in the public doing routine grunt work, but are usually strictly in the department stations. Chiefs seldom become involved in low level policing, staying mostly to the popular crime found in the headlines, only become active in the public when necessary.

Normally they are the ones who go to the public, with the discretion of the Media consultant. The Broken Window Theory is the theory that states if there are buildings that appear to be broken or run down, there is more likely to be crime in that area. This is assumed because they believe that people act differently around places that they do not necessarily respect as much.

It is thought that people will not communicate with police, or it would be very limited and not helpful. One level of management is Top Level, or the CEO’s, Chiefs of Police, and Sheriff’s. They are the top dog of management.

They are responsible to be in charge of keeping the “big picture” in mind and focusing on the long term goals of the organization. They are in charge of creating the organization’s charter, and enforcing it’s bylaws. Most of their time is devoted to solving others problems.

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The next level down from the Top Level is the Middle Management. This is where the Captains and Lieutenants of the department are found. They develop the plans, review reports, make recommendations of the reports, oversee equipment and records, and prepare schedules. They are the link between the First Level and the Top Level of management.

They control the ultimate organization of the whole group. At the bottom level are the First Line, who are the Sergeants. They have the responsibility to make sure work is done during the shift. They are the ones closest to the officers in the field and therefore have to keep them in line. They are not always liked by the other officers, but whether they like it or not they have to listen to them because they are in a position of power and can affect the job. They manage line personnel, maintain discipline, perform role call, enforce rules and regulations, and manage field operations.

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