Week 1 September 1 – 5 Abu Dhabi Police Human

Week 1/ September 1 – 5

Abu Dhabi / Police / Human Resources Sector / Selection and Recruiting Department/ Polarization Section.

Supervisor/Co-Workers: Ali Alkhoori.. // Khould & Hamad AL Kutbi



• Made a tour of AD Police to get an overview of the organization and learned about departmental policies, rules, regulations and sign the contract. 

• Described & explain the selection and recruitment process. 

• Understanding & define on details of what is polarization in AD police. 

• Prepared a proposal for recruitment strategies, policies and plans for the Abu Dhabi Police and follow up on their adoption and work on their implementation.

• Implemented the approved human budget by Abu Dhabi Police recruitment policies and plans.

• Prepared periodic reports on the level of achievement of recruitment plans and constraints and propose development solutions and treatments to ensure the safety of implementation.

• Developed work techniques and generalize the use of information and electronic systems in the department to improve the effectiveness of providing human skills to the Abu Dhabi Police.



The challenge was a little bit complex at the beginning because I faced a problem about the place that I have to go at the first day, however, I sent an email for Layla & Asma about the location because there is no detail in the Portal also I did not know where should I go.

I went to the main branch of AD police but they did not have any idea or information about the internship, I tried to call Layla to help me and she did.


Higher Level Learning Analysis: 


For this week what I learned is mostly involved with HRM courses but the new word which most attractive is the polarization which is including three branches are; talent recruiting branch, marketing advertising, and branch polarization offices.

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Week 2// September 8 – 12

Abu Dhabi / Police / Human Resources Sector / Selection and Recruiting Department/ Selection Section.

 Supervisor/Co-Workers: Ali Alkhoori.. // Moza


• Reviewed of Applications that essential information is included.

• Reviewed of CV that includes a person’s education, experiences, and achievements.

• Prepared for selection tests most identify KSAO’s and include such as cognitive ability, personality, and job knowledge.

• Presented a brief overview of the interview that has to be a goal-oriented conversation where interviewer and applicant exchange information


In this section there are more Pressures because about 1000 of applicants who apply in this position, their CV does not match the requirements on the job discerption so there are not selected.

Higher Level Learning Analysis: 

In this section, I learned that the selection is the individual best suited for a particular position or firms and the aim is to completely match people with jobs and companies. However, I worked how to collect the resumes and checked if it matching with the right position or not.

Week 3// September 15 – 19

Abu Dhabi / Police / Human Resources Sector / Selection and Recruiting Department/ Recruiting Section.

Supervisor//Co-Workers: Ali Alkhoori// Jasim AL Ali


• A prepared a suggestion about policies and systems selection and recruitment to follow up their adoption, design standards, application models and supervise their implementation.

• Developed selection and recruitment systems using electronic systems, information technology and working to disseminate their use.

• Developed the policies and systems of recruiting specialists, following up their service and residence affairs.

• Prepared periodic reports on the efficiency and effectiveness of the application of selection and recruitment systems and their determinants and propose ways of treatment and development.


Higher Level Learning Analysis: 

Week 4// September 22 – 26

Abu Dhabi / Police / Human Resources Sector / Selection and Recruiting Department/ Strategy and Development Section.

Supervisor/Co-Workers: Ali Alkhoori // Eman


Week 5// 29 September to 3 October 2019

Abu Dhabi / Police / Human Resources Sector / Selection and Recruiting Department/ Coordination of support services Section.

 Supervisor/Co-Workers: Ali Alkhoori // Nawal

Week 6// October 6 – 10

Abu Dhabi / Police / Human Resources Sector / Selection and Recruiting Department/ Statistic Section.

 Supervisor/Co-Workers: Ali Alkhoori //

Week 7// October 13 – 17

Abu Dhabi / Police / Human Resources Sector / Selection and Recruiting Department/ Private Contract Section.

 Supervisor/Co-Workers: Ali Alkhoori // Safia AL Hosani & Sultan Abdulla


• Overview of Special Contract Section and took notes for new information.

• Observed that the section only for the emigration for foreign.

• Introduced on details the steps of how to put the data for foreign candidates in the system.

• Worked on the contract and how to preparing.

• Gave the foreign candidates paper to sign if he/she agrees on the conditions.


The challenge of the week when I started to put the data on the system for the foreign candidates so I have to be care and focus about the name, number, ID etc for the this.

Higher Level Learning Analysis: 

This week was focused to learn about the contract and rules of the contract and to be very auditing while to put the information in the system so assistant Sultan and Safia teaches me the steps of the contract and how to do it in details. After that I did the steps correctly and he let me do it with candidates, first I have to ask the candidate about hisher Name, ID, phone number and to bring copy of these papers to put in their files and to make sure the information is correct in the system, second I print the contract and gave to the candidate to check their information if everything correct and let them sign at the end of the contract. However, I finished their contract and have to be organized the files according to their numbers so it will be easy to find their names in files without error.

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Week 1 September 1 – 5 Abu Dhabi Police Human
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