WEEK ONE BASELINEWelcome to Week One of Reconnect your


Welcome to Week One of Reconnect, your Intuitive Eating roadmap! Your decision to shift into a deeper connection with yourself and with the things that nourish you is going to be life changing!

This program is about

? daily habits

? shifting your mindset

? reconnecting with your intuition

You will learn how to

? reconcile your relationship with food

? trust yourself

? honor your hunger and fullness

Are you ready to reclaim your power and confidence when it comes to food? Let’s ditch the diet mentality and explore the taste of freedom.

We will be working together for the next 3 months. The program has 3 modules (one per month) that include exercise prompts and weekly work.

The program is designed to educate, empower and encourage exploration.

We’re working with guidelines rather than rules and shifting from feeding ourselves to nourishing. Your path starts with understanding.


Before we introduce guidelines, let’s establish your baseline.

Knowing where we are helps us figure out how to get where we’re going.

So, let’s look at some different eating styles. As you read:

? check off any statements that resonate with the way you eat or the way you approach food.

At the end of this section, I’m going to ask you to write about your eating style.


The Vigilante is very particular about what foods they put into their bodies. Vigilantes come across as nutrition-conscious, “perfect” eaters who may even fall into the realm of being considered health-nuts.

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• I think about food a lot and tend to scrutinize my food choices and the food choices others make.

• Grocery shopping is challenging because I read labels and have to look at different options before putting something in my cart.

• When I eat out, I ask about how my food is prepared, and I make sure that my dietary restrictions are honored. No dairy, gluten, trans fats or extra salt, etc. for me!

• I like to plan my meals.

• Healthy eating is important to me and sometimes my friends say I’m like the food police.


You’re up on the latest diet trend, weight-loss product and weight loss book. Often, this type of eater has a long history of trying different diets or following different styles of eating. The aim can be weight loss or health.

• I know a lot about portion size, calories, fat grams and carb counting.

• I’ll do pretty much anything to lose weight.

• When a diet doesn’t work for me, I just move on to the next one.

• Before I start a new diet, I eat whatever I want.

• I’m in a vicious cycle… diet, lose weight, gain again, binge eat, diet…


The Multi-tasker is always doing two things at once – even eating! This eater very rarely sits down to enjoy a meal without distraction.

• I eat while watching television or using my phone.

• My meals are often on-the-go.

• I’m pretty good at prepping food so I can eat at my desk or on the train.

• I’m really busy.

• I forget to eat, end up so starved and then eat just about anything.



Grazers are people who tend to eat whether they’re hungry or not. They can enjoy social eating

• I can’t pass by a cookie jar or bowl of candy without grabbing something.

• A meeting with food is my favorite kind of meeting.

• I don’t really think about what I’m eating.

• I enjoy food.

• It’s hard for me to pass up a taste, so I love buffets and cocktail parties.


You know this eater. In the days of your youth, you may have been groomed to be this eater. This style of eater is determined not to waste food and may unconsciously eat to prevent waste.

• I am vigilant about the money I spend on food.

• I use coupons to extend the value of my dollar and get more food, even if it’s not something I would normally choose.

• When I finish a meal, I clean the plate.

• It’s hard for me to see good food going to waste.

• I’ve been known to finish food off other people’s plates

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