Disability Diversity Example: Questions And Answers

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What is ageism? How does ageism influence the presence of diversity in society?

Ageism is prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group, especially the elderly. Ageism influences the presence of diversity because those who are affected by ageism within their career may lose their job due to newer, younger, cheaper people coming into the workplace to take over their current position. Which may leave those who are older without proper insurance to take care of their aging bodies which could result in earlier deaths and a lack of diversity in the world.

Also when the younger generation takes over positions in the workplace that workplace will have a lack of diversity as well.

What is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)? How does the ADEA address issues for the aging population?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act was put into place in 1967 to prohibit discrimination of people over the age of 40 in the work place. The ADEA addresses issues for the aging population by making it illegal to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s age.

Also it makes it illegal to limit, segregate, or classify his employees in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual’s age.

What is being done to address the issues you identified?

The ADEA had put many laws in affect to make it illegal to discriminate someone for their age.

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It also has been recommended to Congress to have education and research programs. These programs shall research, and promote research, with a view to reducing barriers to the employment of older persons, and the promotion of measures for utilizing their skills. They will also publish and otherwise make available to employers, professional societies, the various media of communication, and other interested persons the findings of studies and other materials for the promotion of employment and foster through the public employment service system and through cooperative effort the development of facilities of public and private agencies for expanding the opportunities and potentials of older persons.

Is the number of aging population expected to rise in numbers or decrease?

The number of aging population is expected to rise in numbers. “With baby boomers approaching retirement, the 65-and-over population in the United States could increase nearly 80 percent by 2025. During the same period, there will be just 15 percent more working-age adults and 15 percent more children younger than 15. ” With the number of baby boomers approaching retirement there will be a strain put on social ecurity and other benefits made available to those who are senior citizens. This will cause problems to those retire after them. There is no certainty that things like social security will last through the baby boomers and be around when the next generation retires.

What types of legislation may or may not be affected by the aging population?

wo major pieces of legislature that will be affected by the aging population is pension provision and health care. With both pension and health care the key issues that will cause issues is that the number of people working and paying taxes to fun pension and health care programs is going to dramatically decrease as the baby boomers retire and as they retire the amount of people uses these services in going to see an increase. Legislation regarding items such as criminals is unlikely to have any effect on the aging population. While there are some laws in certain states requiring older people to retake their drivers test each year or every two years a country wide law could also affect the aging population as well.

How does poverty affect the aging population? Poverty affects the aging population in many different ways. Since people are living longer and with that resources are decreasing as time goes on and the elderly have fewer and fewer choices for finding help with finances and health related issues, which results in substandard medical care. Having substandard medical care can result in subpar health and either suffering due to a medical condition or death from a medical condition that could have been treating if better medical care was available to them. Another affect poverty has is subpar housing and the ability to provide food for themselves due to a lack of income and the fact that many programs meant to help have strict guidelines or are disappearing all together. Part II Answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

What does the ADA provide for people with disabilities?

The ADA’s goal is to provide equality to people with disabilities and protect them from any discrimination that they may be faced with. The ADA provides protection to those with disabilities in the workplace where there is a possibility they could be discriminated against and be fired, or passed over for a job. The ADA also insures that public structures are accessible to those with disabilities. By doing this it allows people with disabilities to feel more like equals by having protection from discrimination and the ability to enjoy the same things their friends do such as going to restaurants and the mall.

How have people with disabilities been treated in the past?

In the past people with disabilities have been treated unfairly and have faced discrimination. In recent years things have been improving but there is still work to be done. There are still a few buildings that are not handicap accessible. Some may be included in the exclusion under the ADA such as historical buildings but there are some who are “flying under the radar” and until a problem arises they will continue on with their business. Another problem people with disabilities faced was discrimination in the work place. They were often not chosen for jobs because they were not able to perform them with accommodations. While this may still occur with the ADA it makes it illegal.

How has the attitude toward people with disabilities changed over time?

In earlier years people with disabilities were often placed into institutions and were then forgotten about which resulted in them living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Many of them were abused, neglected or murdered by their own families or by the people who worked at the institutions. They were called “retarded”. Today discrimination towards those with disabilities still does exist the condition of the homes in which some disabled live is acceptable and some with disabilities are able to have happy healthy lives with little or no accommodations made. Some neglect and abuse still does occur but the days of forced sterilization are over.

What are some unique circumstances or issues encountered by people with disabilities?

There are many unique circumstances or issues encountered by people with disabilities. Little people definetelty face many of these unique circumstances. Just going to a restaurant or even a friend’s house provides issues for little people to be able to get around safely by car or being able to see on top of counters and reach things like sinks. People in wheelchairs also face some unusual circumstances off their own. Just like little people they also may encounter problems reaching counters and sinks, and traveling. Just imagine trying to navigate your wheelchair across a snowy parking lot or sidewalk to get to your favorite restaurant.

What is being done to address those issues?

Many public places have smaller toilets and sinks that help children and little people be able to reach the sinks and toilets with ease. Adding these little things help not only the little people community but also help children becomes more independent. Many public places also have wheelchair assessable sinks that allow them to pull their chairs right up and under the sink to allow them to reach it with ease. Handicap accessible parking spot allow for all people with disabilities to park closer to reduce the amount they have to walk thus reducing the amount of accidents that could occur.

What types of legislation have been introduced to address issues faced by people with disabilities?

On January 23, 1990 Congress passed the “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA) it provided protection for people with disabilities in many aspects of their lives. In 1988 the Fair Housing Act was amended to include people with disabilities and families with children with disabilities. In 1973 the Rehabilitation act prohibited discrimination against someone with a disability by anyone receiving federal assistance, but it did not cover discrimination by employers, public accommodations in the private sector, publicly funded programs or those providing federal financial assistance. Protection for all disabilities did not take place until the Americans with Disabilities Act passed.

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