Humanities Questions and Answers Chapter 10-12

Why did early Buddhists believe portraying Buddha in art was impossible?
He had passed to nirvana
What is the goal of every Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist before crossing into paradise?
To help others reach enlightenment
Song painters valued landscape above other subjects because it
embodied the principle behind all things in their belief system
In the exiled Song scholar-painters’ art during Mongol rule, bamboo symbolized
Chinese peoples’ ability to bend and not break.
Japan’s capital was moved to Heian-ko between 784 and 794 to
distance the secular court from Buddhist influence.

Murasaki Shikibu’s The Tale of Genji is considered to be the world’s first
The Ife people considered their king’s head to be of supreme importance believing it to
be the home of the spirit.
The Yoruba king must cover his face with rows of beads to
shield viewers from the power of his gaze.
Why was blood sacrifice central to Aztec culture?
The sun, moon, and earth were thought to need human blood for sustenance.

The conquering Spanish built churches on Inca temple foundations to
emphasize Christian control of native sites.
It is evident that the Sutton Hoo burial ceremony was not Christian, because
it included cremation.
What advantages did feudalism offer the fiefs?
Use of land and protection
Which literary work describes a scene similar to the Sutton Hoo discovery?
The monsters in Beowulf seem to be metaphors for
fate and the destructive forces of nature
Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne the first Holy Roman Emperor for
Christianizing the people of his vast empire
Charlemagne insisted upon a Christian education for his people primarily to
enable them to read aloud and sing in church
What architectural feature especially distinguishes a Romanesque church?
barrel vaults
The Abbey Church of Sainte-Foy was a popular pilgrimage destination, because it contained the
relics of a martyred child who refused to worship pagan gods.

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Romanesque churches’ portals were of special importance, because they
defined the boundary between secular and sacred space
Why was courtly love poetry written in the common language of everyday life instead of Latin?
A greater number of people would be able to enjoy it.
Who designed the Abbey of Saint-Denis’s renovation and thus began the Gothic style?
Abbot Suger
A large number of French cathedrals were called Notre Dame (“Our Lady”), because they were
dedicated to
the Virgin Mary, who was regarded as the “Queen of Heaven.”
What survived Chartres Cathedral’s devastating fire of 1194?
Mary’s tunic and a window portraying her
The Tree of Jesse is a common stained-glass motif, because it
establishes Mary’s royal lineage from King David.
Gothic cathedrals included flying buttresses to
help spread the weight of the vaults.
Where was the first university founded?
Bologna, Italy
The popular poem Roman de la Rose is based upon the relationship between
Peter Abelard and Héloïse
While on a crusade in Constantinople, what relic did Louis IX purchase to display at SainteChapelle?
Christ’s crown of thorns
Giovanni Pisano sculpted his Mary, Sister of Moses leaning forward to
allow viewers below to see her face.
Select the statement that is INCORRECT about private family patronage in Italy:
Private families tended to favor stained glass over fresco to decorate their chapels.

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