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Cerebral Palsy is a condition where it makes you or someone you know have movement issues as a result of abnormal brain development in the womb. These issues may come from some weakness, poor muscle coordination, and spasticity. Though what causes Cerebral Palsy is unknown still. No one has found what is the main cause for it. It can also be with prematurity and low birth weight.

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘disability’?

What comes to my mind when I hear the word disability.

I think that it means someone has problems with learning or movement. They can’t do simple tasks by themselves without someone helping or telling them what to do.

It can also mean that they have struggles responding to a question. They may answer slower or have a disability like in a wheelchair ability to move hands and talk but can’t move their legs around as others can, but others may think they are not capable to do awesome things like regular people like us can do.

They just want to do whatever they want if they could.

What causes the disability?

No one really can explain or know what causes this disability. But some factors may be associated with the condition: Premature birth, low birth weight, Infections while in the womb, Lack of oxygen, and Abnormal development of the Fetus.

It can be hard or maybe someday someone will find out what causes this disability.

Symptoms and characteristics of the disability.

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Some children might walk on their toes or have some other minor problems with something else in their body or organs. Others may have much more difficult situations than they have. They may not be able to talk, eat, or run/walk.

Cerebral Palsy is mostly a movement problem. But it can or will affect children in many ways. They may have difficulty learning, poor vision, or hearing. They could also have hard times swallowing water, food, etc. Last they could also have behavioral problems or have seizures.

What kinds of discrimination do people with disabilities face?

They face a lot of discrimination from people. Others may think they are stupid or don’t know how to do things like everyone else. But they won’t know what they can do until they get to know that person. If someone was being discriminated against that had cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or was in a wheelchair, I would tell them to stop or leave.

They could also face direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, failure to make good judgments on something, harassment, and victimization. Well, and there could be many more for example if they are someone working at a fast food place and someone doesn’t like that they are slow, not as fast as they want them to be.

How is the disability diagnosed?

Your doctor will take your child’s medical history. May ask if your child is premature and developing normally. The doctor will also check movement problems and or reflexes. Order lab tests the doctor can also send for an MRI which is a machine that takes electronic pictures of the child’s brain to detect any defects or issues.

Do you think it would be harder to live with a physical disability or an intellectual disability?

Yes, because you don’t know how hard or what you can or can’t do. If you wanted to do something like jump into a pit of foam or run and walk a marathon you couldn’t do that but you could be in a wheelchair and still do races. Yes, it would be harder. You don’t know the possibilities or challenges that you will have to face every day that you have this disability.

What daily problems do you think someone who uses a wheelchair may face each day?

They won’t be able to get up to the bathroom fast or get to the door like they used to. Harder to get around the house in small spaces and go to the store, and bank, and try to be in the kitchen with high counters.

Someone that uses a wheelchair may face more challenges. When they face a building with stairs but no ramp or no elevator. Even trying on new clothes or trying to reach higher shelves when no one is around to help. If they could make a wheelchair that could raise itself high up a little bit to ease that problem.


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