An Overview of the Case of Christy Brown on the Topic of Cerebral Palsy

Christy Brown was born in Rotunda Hospital, on June 5th, 1932. He was the victim of the Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is disability caused by brain damage before or during birth, or in the early years of the baby, in result that the baby had loss voluntary muscular control. However, the exact cause is unknown, because some of the factors that might cause the disease are; very low infant birthweight, or maybe the mother were smoking and consume alcohol when she was pregnant, and maybe she used certain drugs.

There are many different forms of Cerebral Palsy, each of them caused by a damage of different area of the brain. Each form can occur singly or together, or with emotion, visual, and a difficulty of hearing. For Christy Brown the first warning sign is when he was about four months, his head always falling backwards, every time his mother tries to feed him. Then when he got older, his mom saw other difference in his body.

So, without doubt when Christys was about a years old his mother starts to bring him to the different clinics and hospitals, but people at the hospital and clinics only give them no hope. They said that he is retarded and he will never change, some doctors said, there is nothing can be done. However Christys mother has faith that her son has something, and that he can be cure.

Finding doctors was just a waste of time, so Christys mother decided to take care of him on her own.

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Her mother would fed hand washed and put him in bed. In Christys family her mom have twenty-two children, seventeen lived, and four died when they still a baby. So, his mom really wants to treat Christy just like all the children she had. As he getting older, its really sad for him because he cant really speak, he barely says word, his mouth couldnt grasp. His jaw is like so impossible to open, and if u forced to open, it would probably just fall out.

Besides taking care of Christy his mother also have five other children, and all of them are still very young. His father working as bricklaying to earning the food that the whole family needed.

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