Poetry Reading Test #4 Questions and Answers

The First section of the poem (lines 1-12), the speaker seeks to convey a feeling of
In context, “saddening” line 7 suggests that the
clouds have become darker
The speaker gives symbolic significance to which of the following?
1,2,3 only
Lines 11 and 12 (the.. silence) are best understood to mean which of the following?
the fact that we can just hear the far-off sea shows how quiet our surroundings are
In lines 14-15, the breeze is compared to
a lover
which of the following occurs directly because the breeze is “desultory”
the music of the harp is not evenly sustained
the speaker’s description of the sound of the lute emphasizes all of the following except its
in lines 32-33, “the mute still air… instrument” suggests that the
air itself contains potential music
In line 38, tranquil functions as which of the following
an adjective modifying “I” line 36
In lines 34-43, the speaker compares
his muse to tranquility
In the poem, the Eolian harp is, for the speaker, all of the following except
a gentle reproof
Lines 44-48 can best be described as a
metaphorical application of the image of the lute
In the last section of the poem, the speaker implies that to try to fathom the “imcomprehensible” line 59 is
the true function of music and poetry
It can be inferred that Sara’s attitude toward the speaker’s speculations is one of
gentle disapproval
the poem is an example of which of the following verse forms?
blank verse

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Poetry Reading Test #4 Questions and Answers
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