Chapter 1 Test Review Questions and Answers

All sonnets follow the same rhythm pattern. T?F
The subjects of morality plays are usually abstractions.
Elizabethan costumes were elaborate.
Tragedy is intended to be depressing.
The only difference between an Elizabethan theater and today’s theater is that the stage of the former jutted into the audience.
Shakespeare’s English is classified as Middle English because it so closely resembles the English of the medieval period.
Anne Hathaway
Shakespeare’s wife
William Caxton
introduced the printing press to England
wrote sonnets on religious themes
perfected the sonnet form in the country of its origin
created a rhyme scheme different from that used in the English or Italian sonnet
addressed his poems to Stella
Francis Bacon
wrote essays in an age of poetry
wrote 154 sonnets
Kings men
acting group to which Shakespeare belonged
the rhyme scheme of a sonnet
When dealing with poetry, the letters of the alphabet are used to indicate
The approach to criticism that answers the question, “What did the writer say?”
narrow his topic to a manageable size
In determining a topic for a critical essay, the critic must first _____.

The final disaster in a tragedy in which the hero is destroyed is called the
exciting force
The event in a tragedy that initiates the rising action is called the
a tragedy
How is a serious play with an unhappy ending classified?
The true validity and value of a critical essay is determined by detailed.

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A character in a play provides the most truthful revelation about himself when the playwright has him speak in a(n
histories, tragedies, and comedies
Shakespeare’s plays can be classified into what three categories?
There are fourteen lines with five sets of unstressed and stressed syllables.
When someone says that a sonnet has “fourteen lines of iambic pentameter,” what does that mean?
Who is the first character to die during the play Hamlet?
the appearance of the Ghost to Hamlet
The exciting force in Hamlet is _____.
Hamlet misses the opportunity to kill Claudius
The climax in Hamlet occirs when _____.

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Chapter 1 Test Review Questions and Answers
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