Poetry Test (questions and answers)

The person talking in a poem, which is not always the poet, is called the _______________ .

The attitude the author conveys in a poem is known as _______________ .

Traditional pattern applied to an entire poem is a/an _______________ .

The arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables creates_______________ .

The repetition of vowel sounds in a poem _______________ .

Rhymes which occur at the end of lines of poetry _______________ .
end ryme

Pattern of rhyme in a stanza _______________ .
Rhyme scheme

A poem which looks like the topic it discusses _______________ .

shape form

Word choice and details relating to the senses and creating mental pictures _______________ .

William Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage” is an example of a/an _______________.
Extended metaphor

A _______________ poem has 14 lines with a set rhyme scheme.

Used in humorous and nonsense verse _______________ .

Poems which are rich in musical devices _______________.
Lyrical Poetry

Poetry which tells a story _______________ .
Narrative poem

When characters speak in their own person just like in a stage play _______________ .

dramatic poetry

“The sunlight shines on the sand” is an example of what poetic device.
figurative language

“The tires screeched on the pavement as John turned the sharp corner.” The word screeched is an example of which poetic device?

“Use a log to hit a hog./Use a twig to hit a pig./Use a rake to hit a snake./Use a swatter to hit an otter./Use a ski to hit a bee./And use a feather when you hit me.”
Internal rhyme

“The clouds danced and screamed for joy.

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What do the capitalized letters in this piece signify: “Sundays too my father got up early and put his clothes on in the blueblaCK cold, then with craCKed hands that aCHed from labor in the weeKday weather made banKed fires blaze. No one ever thanKed him.”

“I will sail my vessel/’Til the river runs dry”

“And on a day we meet to walk the line/And set the wall between us once again./We keep the wall between us as we go./To each the boulders that have fallen to each.” The wall in this piece could be considered a/an.

“She was as timid as a mouse on her first day at the new school.”

“Cannon to the right of them,/Cannon to the left of them,/Cannon in front of them/Volleyed and thundered.”

“The moon tiger./In the room, here.”

Ted Kooser was given the following title by the Library of Congress from 2004-2006.
Poet Laurette

Ted Kooser is often given this epithet:

During Kooser’s reign, his main goal was to do what?
Show poetry in everyday life

In 1982, William Kloefkorn was named Nebraska State Poet, a title lasting

What form of figurative language is being used in this line from “The River” by Garth Brooks: “And dare to dance the tide . . .”

What form of figurative language is being used in this line from “The River” by Garth Brooks: “Makes each day a constant battle”

What form of figurative language is being used in the following excerpt from “Music of the Night”: Music shall caress you.

What form of figurative language is being used in the following excerpts from “Music of the Night”: “hard as lightning, soft as candlelight.”

Shakespeare’s sonnet “My Mistress’ Eyes” can be considered a PARODY because
He says bad things but makes it good

Shakespeare’s sonnet “My Mistress’ Eyes” can be considered a SATIRE because
He is trying to get people to see whats on the inside

The last two lines of a Shakespearean sonnet are known as
Rhyming couplet

The title “All the World’s a Stage” is an example of what poetic device

The part of “All the World’s a Stage” which makes it an EXTENDED metaphor is the
Comparison between the stage and the world

Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage” not only shows how life is like a stage play but also
The stages of life

In “Mending Wall” why is it ironic for the speaker to initiate the ritual of fixing of the wall.
He dosent want the wall

What does the punctuation in this line from “Mending Wall” tell the reader about Robert Frost: “One on a side. It comes to little more:”
He makes it seem like theres a wall

How does the title “Mending Wall” convey the theme of the piece?

Which poet is often referred to as the “unofficial” poet laureate of Harlem.
Langston hughes

Langston Hughes is best known for representing what?
Life as a black man

The poem “Dreams Deferred” is a strong example of ______________ because of statements like “rotten meat,” “a raisin in the sun,” and “sugary sweet.”

The poem “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” relates to the author because
He is black

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Poetry Test (questions and answers)
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