Curative Function Of Social Work

This sample essay on Curative Function Of Social Work reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.

The remit of this essay is to research and discourse the construct of curative relationships in mental wellness and what is involved in constructing these relationships. The inquiry is in two parts, so in the first portion of the essay, the writer wishes to research the significance of a curative relationship and discourse what is needed from the nurse and service user to keep this.

In the 2nd portion, the writer will take two cardinal elements that contribute to a curative relationship in mental wellness nursing and discourse the importance they have. The two cardinal elements that have been chosen is communicating, both verbal and non verbal, and the importance of these elements in a relationship between a nurse and a service user. To accomplish this end the writer will utilize assorted resources available, for illustration the cyberspace, literature from category and appropriate reading stuffs.

Main Body

“ Building relationships is cardinal to nursing work… , ” ( Nursing Times ) and highly of import in mental wellness nursing. A curative relationship involves regard, empathy and genuineness ( Callaghan and Waldock 2006 ) . Both the nurse and service user should demo regard for each other and the nurse should esteem the beliefs of the service user, even if they do non hold with these. The relationship should be individual centred, leting the service user to be at the nucleus of their attention programs etc, their beliefs and wants must be respected at all times.

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Service users must be at the Centre of their attention and recovery. Choices and determinations should be made by them. If there are any alterations to be made to a attention bundle, the service user must be informed and have their say. In a curative relationship the nurse will back up the service user in all facets of their attention and recovery. With mention to the quotation mark in inquiry, “ … did it at my degree and gait all the clip… , ” ( Brown and Kandirkirira 2007 ) this is critical in recovery and for a curative relationship. The nurse must work aboard the service user and back up them in taking for the ends that the service user has made and non what the nurse expects them to be able to make. The service user should ever stay at the Centre of their recovery and to develop such a relationship, the nurse should portion their cognition of the unwellness, which gives the service user an apprehension of what they are sing and some control on the state of affairs and both will be able “ to take an active function in the direction of the unwellness, ” ( Owen 2004 ) .The nurse should be able to demo empathy, being able to set themselves in the service users ‘ place and conceive of how they would experience and how they would wish to be treated, “ accurate empathy is ever authorising, since it represents an apprehension and credence of the talker ‘s feelings ” ( Millenson 1995 ) . This accomplishment shows the service user that the nurse has taken on board what has been said and that they can set themselves in the persons ‘ state of affairs. Those involved in the curative relationship should ever demo genuineness and keep non judgmental attitudes towards each other. “ Genuineness is based on the ability of the practician to be unfastened with his patient… It will assist to confirm the patient as the Centre of the intervention and advance the patients trust in the practician and his interventions, ” ( Owen 2004 ) . The nurse should desire to work aboard the service user and offer support when needed to accomplish and keep this relationship.

Curative Function Of Social Work

“ The people have the right and the responsibility to take part separately and jointly in the planning and execution of their wellness attention, ” ( World Health Organisation 1978 ) .

A curative relationship does non happen overnight, it takes clip and a great trade of trust is indispensable between the nurse and the service user. Trust is really of import for the relationship to develop and if this is achieved the service user will accept the nurses support and advice on interventions available and besides work aboard each other alternatively of the nurse proposing that they know best as they are the professional. “ … patients themselves value curative relationships which offer regard, trust and attention and it seems that such relationships may in themselves prove to be mending in the broadest sense. ” ( Mitchell and Cormack 1998 ) . If trust is maintained throughout the development of the relationship the service user will get down to gain that the nurse does in fact attention about their state of affairs and does wish to back up them on their route to recovery offering support and advice when necessary. The trust gained from both people should assist each other to get down experience at ease the more they meet with each other and the service user may easy get down to open up to the nurse and enable them to speak about how they are truly feeling, what may frighten them and accept their advice and support. It will besides demo the service user that they are at the Centre of their attention and that they will work at their ain gait and when they are ready to take that one measure further down their way to recovery, they will.

A cardinal component that contributes to a curative relationship in mental wellness nursing is the usage of verbal communicating. One really of import facet of this is inquiring unfastened inquiries, which the service user is unable to answer with a simple yes or no reply. This will let the nurse to derive a deeper apprehension of how the service user truly feels ( Burnard 1992 ) . This besides shows the service user is at the Centre of their attention and possibly they will get down to speak openly and freely about their true feelings as this type of inquiries show the nurse does care for them and wants to back up them in the best possible manner, it allows the nurse to sympathize, if they can acquire a true history of the feelings the service user has. The empathy shown may promote the service user to speak openly more frequently as they know that they will non be judged for holding some of these feelings and ideas.

Another of import facet of verbal communicating is reflecting and clear uping what has been said by the service user. Reflection requires the nurse to state back to the service user what they have said to guarantee they understand to the full. Clarifying is required by both the nurse and service user. The nurse may inquire a closed inquiry, which allows the service user to reply merely yes or no, or a individual reply to be definite, to guarantee they acquire the true significance of what the service user is stating and in bend the nurse can explicate their apprehension of the unwellness or state of affairs that the single finds themselves in and what support and services are available and how they can travel about puting these up, together, enabling the service user to do determinations after being given the pick to make so. When the nurse gives their positions to the service user, any specialist linguistic communication, for illustration slang, should be avoided as this may move as a barrier within the curative relationship as the nurse is non taking into history if the service user understands what is being said to them. This binds in with the nucleus elements of a curative relationship as the nurse will demo empathy, genuineness and trust will increase working at the degree and gait of the service user.

The nurse must be cognizant of their “ tone of voice, ” ( Stickley and Freshwater 2006 ) when talking to the service user, to do certain they do n’t come across as patronising or uncaring. This may make a challenge in keeping the relationship as the service user may experience belittled by the nurse and in bend may shut up and non talk about how they are genuinely experiencing therefore the relationship will non develop and there wo n’t be any trust. Another component of verbal communicating is the nurse should “ non be speedy to job solve, ” ( Stickley and Freshwater 2006 ) . Leting the service user to believe of attacks of get the better ofing the jobs that may happen during their recovery procedure high spots that they are at the Centre of their attention and shows that they have the concluding determination in their attention and or intervention. If the nurse moves in rapidly to seek and assist the service user, it may come across as patronising and that they are seeking to take control of the state of affairs as they have non took the clip to inquire what the service user wants and may do a barrier between the nurse and the service user.

The 2nd cardinal component that contributes to curative relationships in mental wellness is the usage of non verbal communicating. This component is highly of import in keeping a curative relationship and being cognizant of the accomplishment involved is critical. The most of import accomplishment is sitting in a mirrored place, non sitting face on in forepart of the patient but to the side and tilting somewhat in demoing they are ready and willing to listen ( Stickley and Freshwater 2006 ) , sitting behind a desk can move as a barrier and come across as authoritative ( Burnard 1992 ) and may do the service user to experience uneasy, discouraging them from opening up and experiencing unable to swear the nurse. The nurse should be sitting comfortably and in a manner that does non do the service user feel uncomfortable in any manner. The usage of oculus contact is paramount in keeping a curative relationship but cognizing when and how to utilize the accomplishment is the key. Too much oculus contact may do the state of affairs to escalate and both the nurse and service user may experience uncomfortable. Not plenty oculus contact may convey a deficiency of involvement in what the service user is seeking to state them and may do the curative relationship to come to an terminal and the service user may non demo what they are genuinely experiencing or believing at this clip.

Another of import facet of non verbal communicating is listening, “ The function of the hearer therefore is a privileged one and one that can advance healing, ” ( Stickley and Freshwater 2006 ) . Listening is likely one of the greatest accomplishments a nurse can accomplish. Listening is, the nurse hearing what the service user is stating and understanding what is being said, non what the nurse thinks they are stating. “ … effectivity mostly depends on the nurses ability to listen and observe cues for curative question, ” ( Stickley and Freshwater 2006 ) . Therefore once more shows the nurse has picked up on the item of the statement from the service user and can reflect back to the service user what has been said to clear up their apprehension and to reassure the service user that they are being listened to. This will assist the service user to construct trust in the nurse as they will hold a feeling of credence and that person is listening to them.


It can now be seen that there are many cardinal elements that contribute to a curative relationship and the list is eternal. A curative relationship requires a batch of clip and trust on both parts and the nucleus accomplishments required from a nurse is empathy, trust and genuineness. As the writer stated she was merely looking at two cardinal elements that contribute to this relationship and feels farther probe may be required into other elements to to the full understand the importance and why such accomplishments are acquired to construct a relationship with a service user and the troubles they may come across in keeping a curative relationship. One thing the writer has achieved is the importance of individual centred attention and how indispensable it is to affect and listen to the service user in all facets of their attention.

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