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Compare And Contrast Essay Essay

Harry was only a baby when his parents, ill and James Potter, w re killed in front of him by Voltmeter. On that night, Voltmeter didn’t only make him an rope an but also a famous wizard, for Voltmeter tried to kill him as well and failed leaving him w tit only a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Dorado, on the other hand, grew up in a FAA mill of Death Eaters, followers Of Voltmeter. Since his father, Luscious Mallory, was a Death E eaters, he had no choice but to follow in his footsteps and join Voltmeter’s side. Even though Harry and Dorado are from rich purebloods families, they grew up differently.

Being an orphan, Harry was put in the custody of his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, who hated IM and his parents for being wizards. Harry grew up as a servant for his ann. t and uncle, never knowing that he was a wizard. He never had a parent figure in his life until M Loll Wesley mothered him and Tumbledown, Headmaster of Hogwash’s, put him under his wing. While Harry had no mother, Dorado had an overbearing but loving mother, Narcosis Mallory Luscious and Narcosis believed in pure blood lines and hated anyone who wasn’t a purebloods Odd, thus engraving the same beliefs onto Dorado.

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Since having utterly different childhoods, Harry and Drama’s personalities are i complete contrast. At Hogwash’s, students get placed into one of the four ho sees based on their traits. Harry was placed into Gratifying, which represents bravery and courage e, and Dorado was placed into Slithering, which represents power and accelerations. Harry Pop utter showed courage by never backing down from Voltmeter and always putting others ah dead of himself. Dorado, on the other hand, only cared about himself and being better than eve Rooney else.

Through his Hogwash’s school years, Dorado was nothing but a bully who always needed his two idiotic henchmen, Crabber and Golly, to back him up and his father’s money and pop were to cower behind. Harry and Dorado also have different sets of standards that they follow. Harry doesn’t believe in pure blood lines and thinks those born with magical abilities in mug glee families deserve it just as much as purebloods. He also always thought highly of his FAA there but when he found out his father was a bully in school, he was appalled.

When Harry found d out how much money he had in his parents vault at Gringo’s, he didn’t flaunt it or make him self superior to everyone because of it. He also didn’t buy his way into the position of seeker on the Acquitted team and instead got it on sheer talent. Unlike Dorado, who bought his way on to the Acquitted team with his father’s money. He craves to be the best and since Potter is see n as a great wizard he tries to ridicule Harry into a laughing stock.

Dorado also has a strong hatred for mudflows and those of the poorer hazarding families. When he finally becomes a Death Eater, he sees himself superior to Harry and tries to incite fear in all. Harry Potter and Dorado Mallory are iconic characters in the Harry Potter series. Even though one is brave and the other is selflessness, they are both necessities of the plot line. While Harry was always a good person, Dorado later became one after his year s at Hogwash’s and getting away from the Death Eaters.

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