World Religions Final Exam

The Shinto creation myth may have united what?
the beliefs of several tribes

Shinto and Confucianism particularly had what feature in common?
veneration of ancestors

The emperor of Japan came to be considered a father figure for the whole country. This shows influence of?

A biblical letter to an early Christian or Christian community is called
an epistle

Shinto has helped the Japanese maintain a sense of what?
unique identity

Jesus summarized Jewish traditions and laws as
commandments to love everyone

The major Christian rituals, such as baptism and Eucharist, are often called what?

Izanami and Izanagi created Japan when they stirred the ocean with what?
a jeweled spear

Christianity added its books to those of the Hebrew Bible; the distinctively Christian books are called the
New Testament

Following the fall of Rome, Benedictine monks are associated with
the spread of Christianity

Gothic Cathedrals were built primarily during the Medieval Period.

Gothic architecture can be traced back to


The Torah is
the first five books of the Bible (Pentateuch)

Which division of modern Judaism stresses careful keeping of dietary laws and separate social roles for men and women?

Jewish view of God is best expressed as
God is creator and judge

Observant Muslims do not allow what?

When the Jewish boy turns thirteen, he is considered an adult in the religious community.

This ceremony takes its name from his new status. What is the name of this ceremony?

Bar Mitzvah

According to the book of Exodus, what disaster was the last to strike the Egyptians?
death of firstborn male children

Easter, as a celebration of the resurrection, is associated with what color?

Which Jewish festival recalls the liberation of the Hebrews from oppression in Egypt?
Passover (Pesach)

Perhaps the most important ritual of Christianity is
a sign of entry in to the church, or baptism

Who was the North African bishop who wrote “Confessions” and “The City of God”?

In 1054, what happened between the Eastern and Western Church?
their leaders excommunicated one another

When he returned from visiting his deceased wife, Izanagi had to cleanse himself in what?

The Japanese people seem to be a blend of what?
several peoples

Which book is part of the Torah, or Pentateuch?

Muhammad was born and raised in

Islam literally means

The Protestant Reformation was started by who?
Martin Luther

Accord to some traditionalist Jews, the command not to work on the Sabbath includes the use of what?
the telephone

When early Christian belief spread outside Israel, it was spread particularly by what missionary?

Shinto and Buddhism began to blend soon after the introduction of what?

Omoto, in order to encourage international understanding, gives a special place to do what?
study and the use of Esperanto

The founder of Tenrikyo was Nakayama Miki.

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Omoto is a new religion that emphasized what?

the value of art

Tenrikyo, which grew out of Shinto, has its headquarters near where?

The Shiite branch developed because of a disagreement over
the line of succession from Muhammad

Which country had a large Muslim population for almost 800 years?

The emperor renounced his title to divinity when what happened?
World War II ended

The ideal of the warrior, promoted by Shinto during WWII is called what?

The Reform movement questioned what?
traditional Judaism

The month-long fast that observant Muslims keep involves no eating or drinking of anything during
the daylight hours

Regarding the afterlife, Muslims believe in
heaven and hell

The branch of Islam that is found primarily in Iraq and Iran is

The name given to Islamic mysticism is

The sacred book of Islam, which gives the sermons of Muhammad, is called
the Qur’an (Koran)

The year 1 of the Muslim calendar dates from what event in the life of Muhammad?
escape from Mecca to Medina

The primeval female Kami who was burned by the fire god is

The Nihongi is a collection of stories of what?
the gods and early history

The Islamic month of fasting is called

The three categories of the Hebrew Bible are
Torah, Prophets, and Writings

Who were the Sadducees?
an aristocratic, priestly party centered in Jerusalem

Muslims trace themselves back ultimately to what great patriarch?

The Sunni Reform Movement that began in India and became popular is Pakistan is

The Japanese drew many cultural and technological elements from where?

State Shinto refers to what?
a former system of national shrines

The founder of the Church of England was
Henry VIII

Kamikaze, or “spirit wind”, refers to
suicide pilots

How long is the Jewish Sabbath?
from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday

The Jewish New Year occurs at what time of year?

Passover occurs at what time of year?

During what festival are Jewish children given presents for 8 days?

The Hebrew verb for “to be” is etymologically associated with the name of

An essential part of the teaching of Jesus was to
love one another

The basis for the Japanese writing system came from where?

Paul, John the Baptists, and Jesus may have been influenced by the celebration of celibacy common in what Jewish movement?

The Sunni Reform Movement, that for a while, took control of Afghanistan is

According to dietary laws kept by traditionalist Jews, what items may not be eaten at the same meal?
meat and dairy

What book is found in the New Testament?

Izanagi searched for Izanami where?
in the underworld

Which Jewish faction is the ancestor of rabbinical?
Judaism Pharisees

Shinto puts great emphasis on what?
careful ritual

In Jesus’ time, what power controlled Israel?

The southern kingdom was destroyed in
586 BCE in Babylonia

The common language of the Sephardic Jews was

The Yiddish language, though written in Hebrew characters, is a type of

The first two kings of the Israelite kingdom were
Saul and David

The Islands of Japan, according to the creation story, are a sort of “this-worldly” heaven because
humans share the islands with divine beings

Part of the accommodation between Shinto and Buddhism included a division of focus
Buddhism associated with philosophy, death, and afterlife.
Shinto associated with agriculture and fertility.

During the Meiji Restoration, Shinto became tied to growing nationalism through an emphasis on
the divine origins of the emperor

Kami are associated with
natural places, the ancestors, and animal spirits

A special New Year’s ritual in Shinto is
rice pounding

“Cannan” refers to an early name for the region of

“Covenant” means

The Hebrew ancestor who, according to the Bible, first settled in Egypt was who?

Shinto often makes use of what ritual?

The sun goddess of Shinto is

In Shinto, white is often used because it symbolizes what?
cleanliness and purity

The Torii is often used as a gateway to a
sacred location

The Ise Grand Shrine is dedicated to Amaterasu, and the high priest and priestesses are always members of the imperial family. Why?
Amaterasu is the ancestor of the Japanese emperors

The successor to Muhammad, for centuries a political as well as religious figure, was called

Ramadan is the name of the month in which Muhammad received

The Gospel that is oriented toward a Jewish audience and that portrays Jesus as the “New Moses” is

The tower used to call Muslims to prayer is called
the minaret

Literally, the word “Muslim” means
a person who submits

“I am the light of the world” emphasizes Jesus as
the incarnation of God in John

The major problem with a reliance on hadiths is
some hadiths do not agree with each other

Stories about women and compassionate acts are common in

Jesus said that all important religious laws could be summed up in
the Two Great Commandments

Emperor Meiji often celebrated which Shinto virtue in his poetry?

An important element of ritual at a Shinto shrine is what?
hand clapping

Part of the pilgrimage involves
throwing stones at pillars

The term Shinto comes from two Chinese words that meant what?
the way of the gods

At the Kabah, what object is venerated?
a meteorite

The chanter who calls people to prayer is called

The Sunni Reform Movement that began in Saudi Arabia is

The Turkish leader who ended the caliphate was
Kemal Ataturk

The primary focus of Shinto worship is directed toward what?
spirits of nature and the ancestors

According to Shinto beliefs
human beings are fundamentally good

Contemporary Judaism has 4 parts. The part which encourages non-literal, individual interpretation of traditional beliefs is called
Reform Judaism

Jewish dietary laws forbid what?
eating pork

The Jewish day of atonement, the most sacred day of the Jewish year is
Yom Kippur

The Talmud is a commentary compiled in

The moral conscience of the Hebrew people was the

Judaism traces itself back to what legendary patriarch who is written about in the book of Genesis?

During the pilgrimage, men must wear the robe of Abraham, which is
a two-piece robe of white cloth

Muhammad had his first revelations in a

The destruction of the Second Temple changed the nature of the Hebrew religion, in that afterward, the Jewish religion began to focus on
the written word

The Hebrew Bible sees history as signs of
divine activity

The biblical book of song lyrics sung in worship at the Second Temple in Jerusalem is

The beginning of the Muslim calendar is
the western year 622 CE

Muhammad and his followers escaped from Mecca to Yathrib (Mecca). This was the turning point, after which Muhammad gained what?

Islam particularly stresses what?
oneness of God

Zionism is a movement that urges Jews to live in

The biblical book that describes the origins of the human race is

Sephardic Jews have lived primarily in
the Mediterranean

Belief in a Trinity is not typical in

The phrase “Five Pillars of Islam” refers to
essentials of Muslim belief and practice

Islam and Judaism are similar how?
they both make use of circumcision

Another name for the Tora

In the biblical account, Adam lived to be how old?

A remembrance of what Muhammad said or did is called

All Muslims, unless prevented by poverty or sickness, are expected to visit Mecca at least once in their lifetime in the religious journey (pilgrimage) known as

In Shinto, spirits are named what?

The church of world Messianity (Sekaikyusei-kyo) is an offshoot of

The goddess Amaterasu was lured from a cave, where she was hiding, by what?
dancing nearby

Muhammad’s job was
caravan driver

At first, before they were instructed to face Mecca for prayer, followers of Muhammad faced toward what city for prayer?

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