Survey of American Literature - Final Exam

Topics: America
-Literal authority of the Bible
-Manifest Destiny
-Total depravity of humanity

Indian Captivities
Mary Rowlandson-
– Covenant theology taught that although no human being can ever know for certain whether he or she is scared.
– Proven to be an intregal part of American Literature

Age of Enlightenment
Benjamin Franklin
– Intellectuals now believed in power of the human.
– Focus on HUMAN MIND; Deists, science vs. scripture
– Use of mind to comprehend universe

American Renaissance
Early 1800’s:
Women and minority writers – reform movements (slavery, temperance, women’s rights)

Literary Nationalism
Andrew Jackson- ultimate American Hero
– Republic: embodies capacities of normal, ordinary people
– Natural landscapes: vision

– Spiritualism
– Psychic powers
– All carry piece of divine Utopian society
– Inherit goodness of people
– inner spiritualism

Indian Removal Act
-Question of Native American sovereignty in the United States – more pressing matter thane ever before.

– Humans are the ULTIMATE in mind and control of the Earth.
– Walt Whitman

– real life
– ordinary people

Teacup Tragedies
William Dean Howels
– Drama of ordinary life

– gender (women) was key to understanding literature
– Kate Chopin

Literature of Argument
– body of sociological literature that argued eloquently for reform of social life/texts with a strong reform agenda of their own

Modernist/High Modernist
– breaking away from established rules, traditions, and conventions, experiments in form and style, fragmentation, objective correlation.

– T.S. Eliot

Southern American Renaissance
– the burden of history
– south’s conservative culture
– south’s troubled history in regards to racial issues

Harlem Renaissance
– Literary and culture movement among black Americans
– African Culture
– Acceptance of Black

Surrealism/Magic Realism
– movement attempting to express the unconscious mind in art and literature to synthesize these works
– themes and subjects are often imaginary, outlandish, and fantastic, with a certain dream-like quality.

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Native American Renaissance
– reclamation of heritage through literary expression
– discovery and revaluation of early texts by Native Americans

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