Abeka American Literature Test 12 (Final Exam)

jonathan edwards
who wrote Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God

francis hopkinson
who wrote The Battle Of Kegs

timothy dwight
who wrote Psalm 137

billy sunday
who wrote Nuts for Skeptic to Crack

william bradford
who wrote Of Plymouth Plantaion

anne bradstreet
who wrote Author of Her Book

benjamin franklin
who wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac

james fenimore cooper
who wrote The Deerslayer

william cullen bryant
who wrote Thantopsis

phillis wheatley
who wrote From Africa to America

noah webster
who wrote The Origin of English Language

edward taylor
who wrote Edward Taylor

The Cop and The Anthem
which story was Soapy in

The Open Boat
which story was the oiler in

The Great Carbuncle
which story were Matthew and Hannah in

The Unerring Instinct
which story was Belinda Watson in

Moby Dick
which story was Captain Ahab in

Hiawatha’s Wooing
which story was Nokomis in

which story was Simonides

The Hoosier School Master
which story was Ralph Hartsook

Washington Irving
first internationally famous American writer

William Cullen Bryant
America’s first great poet of nature

Edgar Allan Poe
introduced the detective story

James Fenimore Cooper
America’s first novelist

Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote a novel that was instrumental in bringing about the Civil War

Herman Melville
author of America’s only epic

Joel Chandler Harris
author of Uncle Remus stories

Fanny Crosby
outstanding hymnwriter of the 1800s

Lew Wallace
studied the Bible while writing Ben-Hur and was saved

John Singer Sargent
who painted Carnation, Lily, Rose

Norman Rockwell
who painted Freedom of Speech

john singleton copley
who painted Paul Revere

Asher B. Durand
who painted Kindred Spirits

Albert Bierstadt
who painted Emigrants Crossing the Plains

Winslow Homer
who painted Breezing Up

Gilbert Stuart
who painted George Washington

carl sandburg
who wrote Chicago

Emily Dickinson
who wrote There is No Frigate Like a Book

robert frost
who wrote Birches

stephen crane
who wrote The Open Boat

ray bradbury
who wrote The Pedestrian

mark twain
who wrote The Notorious Frog of Calaveras Country

thorton wilder
who wrote The Unerring Instinct

james weldon johnson
who wrote Go Down Death

walt whitman
who wrote O Captain! My Captain!

sara teasdale
who wrote The Coin

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Abeka American Literature Test 12 (Final Exam)
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