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Cable news channels are as likely to report abut crime affecting poor African-American women and girls as they are about crime affecting wealthy white women and girls.

Young people who start using a new medium, such as mobile Internet, tend to discontinue use of an older medium.

What is the correct order of the media, based on advertising revenue in 2012, if the first one was the largest in advertising revenue and the second was the second largest?
Television, Magazine, Newspaper, Internet

In a television news broadcast, the receiver would be which of the following?
A family having dinner while the television news program is on

A study that looks whether press coverage of budget deficits made audiences talk more about government spending would be an example of which of the following?
agenda setting

Short head media excel at delivering which of the following?
a limited amount of content to a large audience

When were the first research studies done on Soap Opera listenership/viewership?

Interpreting media content from an artistic or critical point of view is the:
Aesthetic Dimension

The first printing press in North American colonies, was made where?

People with low levels of media literacy would assume that the most powerful force controlling the media are which of the following?

Herbert Gans, in his study “Deciding What’s News,” found that the media was profoundly biased in favor of big business and the evidence of this could be found in most news stories?

There are approximately _______ daily newspapers in the United States.

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The journalistic value of ________ represents the idea that your own country and culture are better?

______ served as Mr.

Conductor on the children’s television show Shining Time Station.

Ringo Starr

_______ is where a media company uses its combined properties to promote each other and add value to the company.

During the 1880s and 1890s there were a number of technological advances. Which of the following was not one of those?
First trans-Atlantic telegraph line

After the Innovators, what group is the next type of adapters to accept an innovation?
Early Adopters

Which of the following was not one of the top 10 advertisers in 2012?
Ford Motor Co.

Magazines are starting to recover during the second decade of this century because:
The growth of electronic editions published to tablets like the iPad or the Kindle

The researcher who coined the phrase “mean world syndrome” was:
George Gerbner

“Free” media are actually paid for by advertisers who want to research consumers of the media.

The critical/culture model assumes which of the following?
Audiences actively use the media to construct their view of the world

Vertical integration is which of the following?
Controlling the media product from production to delivery

Which of the following was the world’s first major communication network?
The Roman Catholic church

In correct order, what are the stages in the Diffusion Process?
Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trail, Adoption

Jamal is reading a novel by Stieg Larsson. He is engaging in which of the following types of communication?
Mass communication

On the chart which showed which media corporations owned which TV and cable channels, it was noted that there was already one change on it. What is that change?
Comcast/NBC Universal sold its interest in A&E

Which of the following best describes the findings of the People’s Choice study from 1940?
Audiences are indirectly affected by media campaign messages

YouTube attempts to delver a limited number of programs to a large audience.

Which of the following is not a contemporary mass communication model?

The theoretical orientation that argues that watching large amounts of television can create a world view that is odds with reality is which of the following?
cultivation analysis

An audience member’s skills at decoding the underlying message of an action show that force is the proper solution to all problems involves the ________ dimension of media literacy.

How many copies does a CD have to sell in a year in order to justify the shelf space it takes up in a local music store?

What are the four players in the mass communication process?
Channel, Message, Receiver, Sender

Who is a US Congressman from Georgia who spoke in August 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial at the March on Washington?
John Lewis

In the 1930s, the growth of national news was partly due to what:
A battle between newspaper and radio

Mass communication is an example of which type of one-on-many communication?
One sender to many receivers

A media scholar is looking t why so many Americans are watching The Big Bang Theory on television. What kind of effects is this scholar looking for?
Active audience effects

The largest publisher of newspapers in the United States is which of the following?
Gannett Corporation

Which of the following is the medium that emphasizes the interchangeability of the sender and receiver?
the Internet

A newspaper runs stories that suggest that most people in the country support cutting taxes. After reading the stories, people who support raising taxes tend to keep quiet because they think their neighbors all support tax cuts. This would be an example of which of the following?
Spiral of silence

The biggest problem Disney Corporation faces in china is which of the following?
Media content is frequently pirated

A message being sent through the media must be ______ before it can be transmitted.

Fears that media messages would have strong, direct effects on individuals grew out of propaganda campaigns during which of the following conflicts?

Online music sellers such as iTunes and Rhapsody would be considered part of which of the following?
long tall

Which of the following is an example of the Penny Press paper:
New York Sun

Giant superstore bookstores typically carry no more that ______ different titles.

Who was the target of a major investigative journalism series written by Ida M. Tarbell for McClure’s magazine in the early 1990s?
John D. Rockefeller

Maps are an early example of what?
Media convergence

The largest group of magazines in the US is:
Farm and Ag

The two main traditional revenue sources for newspapers are:
Advertising and circulation

The most popular magazine topic for 2010, as measured by page count, was:

A Penny Press paper was likely to cost what?
2 cents

What do Fahrenheit 451, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings ,The Scarlet Letter, and Slaughterhouse Five have in common?
People have attempted to ban each of them

The greatest drop in newspaper advertising revenue was in what year?

What was an issue with monks hand-copying manuscripts?
No standards filing or cross-referencing system

Sarah Josepha Hale, in addition to serving as editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book, is known for what?
campaigning for the establishment of Thanksgiving as a holiday

Books are distributed to bookstores by which of the following?
Companies like Ingram Book Group

Which of the following is the biggest circulating magazine in the United States?
AARP: The Magazine

The Civil War and the development of the telegraph introduced what in the way stories were?

Lydia Pinkham was targeted by reporter, Edward W. Bok, for what?
Selling of women’s remedies even after she was dead

A newspaper with a printed version for a few days and a website version constantly updated is called:
Hybrid edition

During the Civil War, what types of books become popular?
Paperback dime novels

Yellow journalism became popular based on what?
The New York Journal’s cartoon character

The primary function of a book publisher is which of the following?
To buy manuscripts from authors and turn them into books

The National Review is a magazine that is trying to appeal to which audience?
Intellectuals interested in conservative political ideas

A writing system where abstract symbols stand for an object or idea is which of the following?

__________ is best known for his/her covers of Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone magazines.
Annie Leibovitz

The first English-language papers were published in Amsterdam starting in which of the following years?

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty advertisements have been credited with:
Building acceptance in the public for alternative images of beauty

All of the following are defining features of newspapers except:

Parchment is which of the following?
An early writing surface made from animal skin

Which paper is regarded as the first newspaper in the North American colonies?
Publick Occurrences

What invention directly led to the production of inexpensive dime novels?
The steam-powered rotary press

Which of the following was the first truly national magazine with large circulation published in the US?
The Saturday Evening Post

The development of language led to what?
Development of oral cultures

Which of the following is not one of Dick Stolley’s rules for magazines covers?
New is better than well-known

The #1 Daily newspaper in the US in 2013 is:
The Wall Street Journal

Which of the following best describes Mathew Brady’s greatest contribution to photojournalism?
The idea that photos could be documents that preserve history

In Colonial times, publishers were also usually:

Printing was invented by which of the following?
The Chinese prior to 200AD

The Atlanta Daily World, published since 1928, is an example of what?
An African-American newspapers

What type of books had $331 million in sales in 2008?

magazine editors are often unwilling to put minorities on heir covers for which of the following reasons?
They are afraid minority covers won’t sell as well

Pearson, the world’s largest publisher, is best known for:
Books for the education market

Who or what were the Seven Sisters?
Seven women’s service magazines

Prerequisites for a mass press included all but which of the following:
Well-trained reporting staff

The Atlantic has become profitable recently for the first time in many decades because the publisher:
Adopted a “digital first” strategy

Which company is the largest newspaper owner in the US?

Which of the following was not a consequence of Gutenberg?
Limited growth of nationalism

The integration with radio of the Saturday “Barn Dances” led to what?
Growth of country music

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, wrote screenplays under an assumed name while he was blacklisted in Hollywood for being a communist.

One outcome of Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” was which of the following?
Individual stations became cautious about broadcasting serious programs that contained nudity or violence

Movie attendance peaked in which year?
In 1946

Over the last thirty years, the Big Three television networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have done which of the following?
They have lost one third of all their viewers to cable, syndicated programming, and independent stations

Which of these was the producer who worked on recording for Johnny Cash, the Dixie Chicks, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Rick Rubin

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 gave corporations the right to own how many television stations?
As many as they wanted as long as the stations were in markets that totaled less than 40% of the population

The British “Invasion” of groups such as the Beatles and the Who provided what to American Rock and Roll?
A rougher sound

Movies such as Dial M for Murder, The Ten Commandments, and Spartacus were a response to which of the following?
The rising of television audiences

Before 1948, recordings of popular black music were referred to as which of the following?
race records

What is the fifth highest rated television network in the US?

In the 1930s and 1940s, the studios required theaters to schedule a large number of lesser movies in order to get one or two major films. This practice was known as which of the following?
Block booking

Which of the following movies proved the value of Internet promotion?
The Blair Witch Project

Cable television was initially developed as a way of doing which of the following?
Delivering broadcast television signals to communities with poor reception

Which of the following was the major effect of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 on radio?
That today more than 50 percent of the radio stations are owned by major media corporations

Which of the following created the Public Broadcasting System?
Public Broadcasting Act of 1967

In mach 2013, there were over 15,000 radio stations in the US. What percent of theses were AM stations?

Who was the director of Birth of a Nation, the controversial silent film about the Civil War?
D.W. Griffith

Which of these statements about radio following the growth of television in the late 1940s and early 1950s is true?
Radio reinvented itself to become a companion medium, serving narrow niche audiences with specialized formats.

The year 2005 was noteworthy in the movie industry for which of the following reasons?
It was the first time in two decades that the annual overall box office declined.

In the 1960s, television programs were not allowed to show which of the following?
A married couple sharing a bed

Who developed the artiest portable movie cameras?
Auguste-Marie and Louis-Jean Lumiere

Network affiliates are which of the following?
Local broadcast stations that carry network programming

The most popular radio drama of the late 1920s was:
Amos ‘n’ Andy

All US television broadcasting became digital in which year?

Digital recordings, such as CDs, frighten recording companies for which of the following reasons?
Consumers can potentially make perfect digital copies of the music without paring for them

By 2012, ______ was the most popular way to play movies at home.
Streaming video services

Which of the following developments occurred during World War 1?
The Military took over radio broadcasting

Which of the following was first major movie with multiple scenes and a plot?
The Great Train Robbery

Philo T. Farnsworth invented which of the following?
The basic technology for television

The film that created the idea of the summer blockbuster was which of the following?

THe company with two separate networks for a number of years was:

The statement that radio became a companion medium, means which of the following?
Radio became the medium listened to while doing something else

When the Black Entertainment Network (BET) was sold to Viacom, it was worth how much?
Two Billion

Which of these corporations is not one of the top five radio owners?
Cox Media Systems

For the guest speaker, a GSU Multimedia major, working on the new Squarepants movie was enlightening because he had never done movie work before.

Alternative country star Lyle Lovett says that he makes almost all of his income from:
Performing and touring

Which of the following was the movie that sold the most tickets of all time?
Gone With The Wind

The show Lost is notable for featuring which of the following?
The first prime-time network character who doesn’t speak English

The United States produces more movies every year than any other country.

The percentage of the potential television audience actually watching the show is:

Whatis the most popular Hispanic radio format?
Mexican Regional

The large number of smaller theater grouped together replaced the large Art Deco movie palaces are known as which of the following?

The method of recording sound that involves storing it in a series of numbers is called which of the following?
Digital recording

What are telenovelas?
Spanish-language television soap operas

In 2013, what percent of the world’s population is using the internet?

Grace Huseth discussed her internship this past Summer. Where was the internship?
Gulfstream Aerospace

The most reliable source for breaking news during the Arab Spring revolution in Egypt in 2011 was:
Al Jazeera

Over the last thirty years, media in China:
Have grown massively in their level of availability

Companies facing an online crisis from negative information spreading on the Internet should do which of the following?
Track the blogosphere and social media to see what people are saying about your company or organization

Integrated marketing communication campaigns do not typically involve:
One-on-one communications

According to TIme Berners-Lee, which of the following is a principle upon the Web is based?
Users should be able to link to any document at anywhere in the world

People who buy your company’s produce would be which of the following?
External Publics

The BBC operates under which of the following?
A public device model funded by the government

The advertising agency department responsible of deciding where to place the advertising is which of the following?
Media Planning

The social process by which people go from having the identities they are born with, to being able to decide who they want to be is which of the following?

Press agentry differed from more contemporary forms of public relations, in that it did which of the following?
It had a one-directional flow of information from the agent to the press

American movie companies film in Canada in part of which of the following reasons?
It is cheaper to film in Canada than in the United States.

Cyberpunk literature and films deal with which of the following themes?
The differences between humans and machines

One of the big advantages of distributing a movie over the internet instead of in theaters is which of the following?
The cost of online distribution is close to zero

Most advertising in the US falls into what category?

In public relations terms, a “crisis” is which of the following?
An event that is perceived by the public as damaging to the client’s image

The _______ theory of the press states that the press should be allowed to print or broadcast anything. People have a right to hear all ideas and decide for themselves what is correct.

Africa has the lowest internet use of any geographic area. What is the next lowest?
Asia and Pacific

The innovation in the way Pears’ soap marketed its product was that it was the first to use which of the following?
A brand name

A press conference is a tool primarily to communicate with which of the following?
The media

Paul Baran’s idea of cutting messages into small pieces and sending them on the easiest route was known which of the following?
Packet switching

In advertising,the cost of reaching 1,000 consumers with a particular advertising in the United States was which of the following?

The railroads in the 1870s managed their image by doing which of the following?
Bribing reporters and editors with cash and travel

One of the biggest consequences of attacks on journalists around the world is which of the following?
That journalists are discouraged from telling stories about the countries where it is too dangerous for them to work

An advantage that Web sites run by legacy media have over purely new media sites in which of the following?
They have a reliable source of content

What has happened to Facebook from last year to this year?
Lost half of its teenage users

Which of Edward Bernay’s books became the most famous, was used by the Nazis and is still a well-respected work today?

What is the name for the process of weeding out the information the government believes is unwanted or irrelevant.
Information filtering

The _______ theory of the press states that the press should be as free as possible, but that it also has an obligation to serve the needs of public at large.
social responsibility

Ivy Lee suggested that the best way for the railroads to deal with accidents, in terms of the company’s image was to d which of the following?
Deal with the press openly

Which decade illustrates best the “economy of abundance”?

Which of the following is not one of the top Global Web Parent Companies?

Domino’s Pizza had a major public relations crisis in 2009 when:
Employees posted a prank video to YouTube showing them tampering with pizza and sandwiches

The most used medium of mass communication in Africa is:

Who developed TCP/IP, the original specification for the Internet’s protocols?
Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf

In radio, the term “drive time” means which of the following?
Morning and afternoon commute times

An example of a direct action message would be which of the following?
A local grocery store as for fresh produce

Relations between a company and the media should be which of the following?
A two-way dialogue

According to marshall McLuhan, electronic media do which of the following?
Help connect people around the world into a global village

Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times, has said which of the following?
The Times is in the business of selling news and advertising space

Most mobile news users are:
Consuming more news than they have before

When Bernays sent a group of young models to march in NYC parade, what did that action help to do?
Break taboo against women smoking in public

Haiti is located on the same island as what other country?
Dominican Republic

The development theory of the press is most closely to related to which theory of the press?

The top US Online video site is:

William Paley became convinced of the potential of radio advertising rights after he did which of the following?
He used radio advertising for his family’s cigar company

According to your text, public relations is which of the following?
A management function

P.T. Barnum accused himself of fraud, under a fake name in order to get which of the following?
Get publicity

Twitter was originally created so people could share their answers to the question:
What are you doing?

What was the #1 Greatest Ad Slogan in the 20th Century?
DaBeers mining

In 2012, the two most dangerous countries for journalist were:
Somalia and Syria

The first Web browser that could handle graphics was called which of the following?

In 2006, the advertising industry revised its guidelines for advertising ______ to children.

Nellie Dunn had several key points in her speech to the class. Which of these was not one of them?

ARABSAT is which of the following?
A broadcast satellite launched by Arab League

The target department store identifies pregnant women who may want baby product coupons by:
Tracking the products they buy at the store

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