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• Apollo – Background (evolution since inception)
• Analysis of Apollo’s internationalization strategy © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 2 Apollo Hospitals, started as the first corporate hospital of India, has grown remarkably 1 2 First super-specialty Hospital in India – Early 1980s y Liberalization and Growth – Late 1980s; early 1990s 3 4 Wide Scale Marketing Efforts Focus on middle and lower strata of Society 5 Global expansion and local penetration
• 1983 – Dr.

Prathap Reddy established the first ever corporate hospital of t h it l f India – Faced skepticism in his campaign that superspecialty hospital was viable in India – Was able to attract doctors from the west
• 1986 – At the personal urging of Dr.

Prathap Reddy, the then Prime th th P i Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, liberalized the Hospital Sector.

• Apart from individual patient and doctor referrals, which served as primary d i marketing tools in the 1980s, Apollo exercised various print, audio and video marketing tools • 1990s onwards Till early1990s, the services of Apollo were restricted to the elite strata of society lit t t f i t criticism that its services were not for the masses.

• Apollo has already expanded to more than 45 Hospitals and more th 250 d than Apollo Clinics in India and abroad
• Apollo faced
• Has centers of excellence in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.
• Apollo’s business began to grow in the 1990s, with the deregulation of the Indian economy, which drastically cut the bureaucratic barriers to expansion and made it easier to import modern medical equipment
• The successful coronary bypass operation of the Vice President of India in 1993 gave a major boost to the Apollo brand and visibility.

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• Apollo reacted by expanding its services to the poor class
• Has set aside free beds for the poor
• Has set up a trust fund
• Is pioneering remote, satelliteremote satellite linked telemedicine across India
• Made an IPO and raised $4. 6 million in 1983
• Further initiatives include South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Oman Bahrain Vietnam and Thailand, among others 3 © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. .. and has become the single largest private hospital group in Asia 1983.

India Chennai Apollo attracts more than 10 million patients in India itself, from over 55 countries 2006 India Chennai1 Hyderabad1 Delhi1 Kolkata1 Ahmadabad1 Others (4)1 Others (250) 2 Overseas
• SiL k 1 Sri Lanka
• Bangladesh2
• The UAE2
• Nepal2
• Ghana2
• Nigeria2
• UK2
• Saudi Arabia2 Leadership, Quality and Network
• •
• The Apollo Hospitals Group is recognized as the “Architect of p p p g Healthcare” in India It is the largest corporate entity in healthcare in Asia and the third largest in the world It has won multiple accolades both inside and out of India.

The Apollo p p Hospital in Chennai was the first Indian hospital to be awarded IS0 9002 and ISO 14001 Certifications and has been named “Best Private Sector Hospital in India” by The Week magazine Apollo manages over 6400 beds in different centers and is currently involved in either the management or ownership of 45 hospitals in India and abroad
• •
• •
• •
• • (1) Apollo Hospitals (2) Apollo Clinics Source: Literature Search, Company website © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 4.

Apollo Hospitals Group – The Group has an integrated business model (‘Across the Healthcare Spectrum’) ( p ) Third Party Insurance Health and Lifestyle Clinics Pharmacy Retailing Tertiary Education Healthcare Services Strategy & p Implementation Consulting HOSP info Clinical Trials System Telemedicine © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 5 Apollo Hospitals Group– Companies, besides Hospital
• Offers Business Process Outsourcing and IT solutions and services Apollo Health Street Incorporated.

• to global clientele Established in 1999
• Largest retail pharmacy chain in India and has round-the-clock Apollo Pharmacies
• operations – maintains a stock of prescription drugs, OTC medicines and other health and body-care related products Moving towards offering e-prescription based services
• Acts as a catalyst for students and is complementary to the existing MedVarsity Online Limited (MOL)
• education system – over 1500 hours of medical content that is accessible to the medical community Established in 2000.

Apollo Telemedicine Enterprises Limited E t i Li it d (ATEL)
• Allows the participant sites to collaborate with institutions in India
• and abroad and provides their clientele access to healthcare in areas not adequately served by the medical community Established in 1999 www. redseerconsulting. com. 6 © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. Apollo Hospitals Group– Companies, besides Hospital
• Its the largest Third Party Administrator (TPA) in Asia – affiliated to Family Health Plan Limited (FHP)
• 1700 major Corporates and manages 4.

7 million lives Initiated ‘managed care’ to control rising medical costs, and to make medical facilities accessible for greater number of people Online Hospital Equipment Services Private Limited
• An electronic equipment exchange for medical devices and high• end technology products used in the delivery of medical care It provides expert advice and services on technology, technocommercial issues
• Delivers family-focused primary healthcare services through Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd (AHLL) branded Apollo clinics across India and its neighboring countries.

• Used information Technology to create an e-marketplace that Keimed. com Limited would service Apollo and others through an end-to-end, logistic p g g solutions partnerships for effective inventory management and control © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 7 AGENDA
• Apollo – Background (evolution since inception)
• Analysis of Apollo’s internationalization strategy © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 8 Drivers for International Expansion Huge opportunity.

Large unmet need for high quality medical care Greater ROI
• Large unmet need for high quality medical care – High unmet demand, specially amongst people who could not afford to travel abroad for treatment – Major procedures like open-heart surgery were unavailable – The medical treatment in many Asian and Gulf countries was conducted sloppily, using low quality equipment
• Greater ROI – Certain foreign markets such as Gulf countries were lucrative as countries, they could generate higher ROI © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 9.

Apollo’s used the OLI Paradigm effectively for International expansion
• Ownership: While the hospital group has maintained its ownership Ownership Advantages g it has found that in order to remain competitive and achieve scalability it needs to relinquish some of power and has adopted the franchising model in order to expand
• Internalization: Used an internal strategy of leadership, quality and leadership Internalization Advantages network. The chain has spun of subsidiaries under its main brand which include Apollo Clinics, Apollo Pharmacy etc. Apollo is continually characterized by change and innovation.

Strategic inorganic and inorganic expansion in order to rapidly ramp up and help keep the company abreast with the dynamic business environment
• Location: Apollo has firmly reaffirmed in its strategy the belief that “more is sure”. The chain apart from setting up multiple hospitals and clinics in each city have now set it footprints in tier 1,2 cities alike. It has aimed to become a global brand by setting up centers in Dubai and other Asian countries and is continually looking to expand d Location Advantages © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information.

www. redseerconsulting. com. 10 Apollo’s branding and demand generation initiatives focused on individuals, referring doctors and corporations General public and individuals.

• •
• •
• •
• Awareness of high quality medical care and stress illness prevention Targeted mailings to promote Apollo clinics for various therapies such as diabetes, asthma, back pain, cancer and cardiology Introductory discounts to attract first time users Developing an internal system to respond to all consumer queries promptly Regular advertising in a variety of media to target urban consumers Screening programs for illness such as cancer and tuberculosis in rural areas Local Doctors.

• • Individual visits by Apollo sales force, to local doctors to build relationships Frequent mailing by Apollo to the doctors, to keep them informed about the hospital’s services and procedures Track number of referrals made by individual doctors in a computerized database Inform and update referring doctors about the progress made with the patients Encourage Apollo doctors to participate in national Medical Association meetings to increase the Hospital’s familiarity to doctors across the nation.

• Corporations
• • Corporate and government employers – Less price sensitive than those who paid out of pocket Target key decision makers such as top executives, human resource managers, trade union leaders and company medical advisors Mailings and individual visits Conduct programs at the companies to increase awareness and teach skills such as first aid © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information.

www. redseerconsulting. com. 11 Apollo has taken various key Initiatives to increase international presence and operational efficiency Strategy Increased emphasis on Managed Hospitals Description
• Apollo built the first HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) in 1995, on the lines of HMOs in the
• • USA. USA It provides all medical care as needed to its members in return for a fixed annual premium premium.

The HMO combines two methods of expansion – building wholly owned facilities and licensing Increased emphasis on Managed Hospitals in order to reduce risk, cost and to increase geographical reach Licensing will help spread Apollo’s influence and recognition more quickly than building wholly owned facilities Improvement in efficiency and cost reduction
• Improvement in efficiency through better asset utilization of all existing facilities
• Cost Reduction through simplification of processes in the areas of materials, manpower and financing.

• Aggressive marketing to access overseas markets – measures such as publicizing successful Aggressive marketing
• Has established an AIC (Apollo Information Centre) network, establishing government-private partnership for patients to be sent by the respective ‘Treatment Abroad Committees ‘ referring Treatment Committees, private patients through health insurance HMOs and TPAs and through local doctor referrals surgeries, awards, accreditations, alliances/ partnerships and accolades Backward Integration.

• There is increasing focus on providing wholesome health solutions, integrating to the Indian methods of wellness. Source: Literature Search © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 12

Apollo Hospitals has also taken other steps to expand its reach and penetration globally
• The only international training organization for the American Heart Association Technical International Affiliation and Accreditation support from Texas Heart Institute and Minneapolis Heart Institute for Cardiology and Cardio – Thoracic surgery Exchange programs with hospitals in the U. S. and Europe S Association with the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Heart Institute, USA Associate of the Johns Hopkins University, USA.

• • International I t ti l Research Alliances Apollo Hospitals has entered into various alliances to broad base its value proposition
• St Cell Research and Th Stem C ll R h d Therapy – July 2005 – Tied up with Histostem, part of the Delaware Corporation, for the development of a sustaining and mutually-beneficial relationship in Cord Blood Stem Cell Research and Therapy in India
• Medical and Business Collaborations ?

July 2005 – Collaboration with Johns Hopkins to jointly develop state of the art concepts state-of-the-art concepts, technology, partnerships with clinical departments especially in Oncology, Neurosciences and Cardiology, nurse education, telemedicine, clinical research and medical education
• The local partnership approach has worked very well for Apollo p p pp y p Local Partnerships/ JVs

– Local Partner
• Local partner usually deals with many local issues, besides providing capital, such as provision of land and dealing with local authorities, doctors and other interest parties
• Help in creating a sound clientele base – Apollo – Partial capital investment, and management Example – A ll H E l Apollo Hospitals Group in a joint venture with it B it l G i j i t t ith its Bangladeshi partner STS l d hi t Holdings, Dhaka
• Source: Literature Search.

© 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 13 Apollo’s success can be attributed to its organization around ‘Five Stars’ to give patients advanced medical care possible at high quality Medical Personnel
• • Hired top quality medical personnel – top caliber, renowned doctors and su geo s e e surgeons were a key to Apollo’s reputation a d se ce ey po o s eputat o and service The presence of top specialists garnered referrals from throughout the world.

Apollo took every opportunity to publicize the accomplishments of its doctors Effective application of the latest medical technology has been a critical part of Apollo’s service and appeal to patients and consultant doctors Equipments have always been expensive but Apollo never compromised Medical Technology
• •
• •
• Employees Motivation – Employees have been the ‘middle star’ for Apollo, signifying their p y p , g y g central role in the success of the Hospital.

Every individual is valued Culture – Strong sense of community Compensation – 10-20% higher than the industry average Every employee is expected to take responsibility for each patient’s every patient s need Every employee has to go through an induction training which emphasizes on grooming, etiquette and hygiene and stressed ‘Never forget to thank a patient’ Focus on a number of ways to serve patients better than the competition Patient health has always been the most important indicator of success and hence the hospital has always been focused on providing the best medical outcomes www.redseerconsulting. com. 14 Hospitality.

• Values
• • Source: Literature Search, Harvard Business Review RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. © 2009 Apollo is looking to expand aggressively in other international markets Fiji Mauritius West Asia The Caribbean islands International Expansion E i Africa Mongolia Georgia Kazakhstan © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 15 Thank You! (query@redseerconsulting. com) ( @ d lti ) © 2009 RedSeer Consulting Confidential and Proprietary Information. www. redseerconsulting. com. 16.

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