What each company can do is focus on program quality and national recognition through accredited course work, facilitators, and material. This way the Apollo Group can make the University of Phoenix, a subsidiary of GAG, more appealing to adult students and recognized by employers, which may prefer education from a more traditional brick and mortar style university. Technology electronic plays a large part In A TTY to offer adult students online coeducation programs. Providing online course, often referred to as e-learning, has become more common then it was in the past.

Online education has the potential of changing most demographic views of higher education over the next several years because of its scalability and ability to reach students who may not have access to a physical campus or course at local colleges. E-learning is cost affective and practical for many individuals that do not have the flexibility or time to devote to in classroom teachings. GAG and University of Phoenix will need to ensure that their technologies in the online environment are capable and reliable for students.

Many working students, traditional and online believe his or her time is valuable. One of Saga’s strength is the commitment to students and ensuring resources are available. Given the growth of the online education market GAG and I-COOP will have to invest in new technologies and frequently find new ways to provide resources to students. Most notably, GAG offers several technologies to students for student resources. University of Phoenix dents have access to several e-resources including online search databases, writing tutorials, plagiarism, among others.

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Saga’s greatest technology strength is also its weakest. Frequently students have problems posting assignments, loading the class site, and even logging into the main COOP site. This creates several levels of frustration for students as they are not able to post assignments and sometimes prevented from posting assignments on time. I-COOP has an opportunity to improve the online classroom stability. Though it does not go down frequently, it does appear to happen at the most important times, when assignments are due.

COOP does post comments in certain resource pages that some days are busier then others and delays may occur; however most students do not accept this. Integrating additional redundancies for online resources will assist COOP and students by maintaining stability and lowering the impact on students. Innovation In order for GAG and the University of Phoenix to remain competitive in the growing market of online education they continually have to find ways to reach new potential students. One way that GAG has began to address this is in their classes.

GAG now offers courses in English and Spanish. This allows GAG to reach a larger community of online students. Offering classes in multiple languages will be a top strength of GAG because of the growing variation in dialects throughout the world and United States. Saga’s primary strength most notably is course material being offered in electronic format. Students attending traditional colleges typically spend hundreds of dollars every year to purchase hard copy books and other lab materials. GAG targeted text material in an effort to move all text and materials into electronic format.

This is a avian grace for many working class students, which may not have the additional money for traditional text and materials on top of tuition. One of the difficulties that students wall run Into Ana seen as a weakness Ana pilot AT Translator Trot students is the accessibility of electronic material. Often students deal with e-text that won’t download, open, or unlock. Obstacles of this nature often warrant no relief from facilitators when issues do occur. Additionally, many students find e-text difficult to read on his or her computer and typically spend hours printing the material at home n his or her personal printers.

E-text is a great way for students to access information, however, GAG and the University of Phoenix will need to maintain materials locally on internal systems and ensure that all material is accessible by students at all times. If a student is unable to access the material it can be a point of frustration and create poor quality papers. One major weakness in Saga’s innovation moving all materials to e-text is the listed computer requirements. When students sign up for a course it asks if they have access to either a Mac or PC and provides specific system requirements for both.

Notably Windows is predominant in educational and professional environments but for those using Mac SO operating systems there have been issues with material provided in classes being Windows specific. This can be very frustrating for Mac users and prevent him or her from accessing material necessary for the course. GAG needs to enhance their cross platform functionality in order to reach both audiences so that those with Mac SO computer do not have incidences where material is inaccessible. Conclusion GAG and the University of Phoenix have over come many obstacles during the development and deployment of online education.

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