Thanks To Apollo For The Boundless Wisdom of Zeus

Before I address the matter at hand, I, Apollo, would first like to thank Zeus for his infinite wisdom and the perfect example he lead Mt. Olympus with. Now for real, yeah, Olympus has a lot of problems, sorry Zeus, it’s true. Your world is surfaced by beautiful and powerful beings who lead and control everything. But what isn’t seen is the corruption, the lies, the deception, the injustices underlying many of our actions. This is Olympus, this is the peak of the world in which everyone faces unnecessary suffering and displeasure.

This is not what Olympus should look like, it’s not what it should be. Olympus needs to change. In my lifetime, we Olympians have had many successes and a lot of accomplishments, but our vanity, our selfishness has lead to unpunished crimes. Yet, there is no real definition of crime on Mt. Olympus, which is the root of the problem.

I mean, look at Poseidon, all mighty and powerful or whatever, committing what mortals would call treason against Zeus.

Alongside him were Hera and Athena, all greedy for power, and going unpunished. Also, Hades kidnapping Persephone, how is that not a crime? And let us not forget the affairs. These all went unpunished, for example, when Aphrodite went behind her husband’s back to be with Ares, Hermes, and Dionysus. Even my twin sister and I were born out of an affair, and because of this our poor mother Leto had to suffer Hera’s wrath, who gets jealous of the same thing, time and time again.

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Once Hera found out that my mother, Leto, was pregnant with my sister and me, she banned all the lands from welcoming us. After a painfully long and devastating search full of rejection and a road of hardships, the small island of Delos, finally accepted her and we were born. This was the result of one of the many affairs of Zeus, and injustices put forth by Hera. There are many similar situations that have happened over the course of Zeus’ rule. This is how revenge stories start, and what happened to others, might happen to you.

Olympus needs to be reformed, it needs to change so that all these offenses can be dealt with and won’t go unpunished. There is a need for a better-structured society. As I have done for mankind, I will establish order in Olympus, not necessarily to restrict every and all actions but to prevent crimes against our own. I will make sure a punishment fit for the crime committed is executed so that unjust and unfit stories won’t be told for generations. Punishments from the gods are often committed through blinded jealousy or bad judgment. This will no longer be the case, because my laws will stop them from happening, making gods or another being think twice about what they are about to do. This will limit treason, thievery, unnecessary punishment, affairs, and other crimes against all of us. My laws will define crimes and what the punishments will be for those who commit them. It will control the amount of unwanted business in the heavens as well as keep things peaceful down on the earth.

But let us not discredit all that we have done for both the heavens and the earth. All of us, gods, goddesses, heroes, and beasts alike have benefited the world and helped the heavens. We together have impacted every mortal or being by our actions. But many of our actions came to be because of our greed, our pride, or our selfishness. And let’s draw attention to our not-so-great deeds. I, for one, forced a water nymph to turn into a laurel tree. This was not in my control, however, since after slaying the mighty Python to establish my oracle, I saw Eros with his love bow and commented on how his was inferior to mine. He pierced me in the heart with one and shot an arrow with a coal tip into the nymph’s heart, making me fall for her but she repelled me.

I had no true intention of pursuing her, but I was merely forced to. I admit that this did result from my pride, but I have accepted it and I have learned from it. I, Apollo, god of the sun, justice, reason, order, music, healing, and prophecy, admit to having faults, and I know even the greatest of us do. I believe that if we strive and work together, we can build a brighter future, with more stability and strength, to become a new Mt. Olympus with the same purpose. I am the guarantor of civic harmony, for it was I who made the laws for humans so that they could live in peace. It is I who keeps the boundaries between the heavens and the earth prominent and secure. It is I who brings peace and harmony to the world. And it is I who Greeks look at for the ideals of reason and moderation.

To help me establish order and structure, but keep a functioning Mt. Olympus, I would appoint Artemis and the Nine Muses to my cabinet. As my twin sister, Artemis and I share some responsibility, protecting the young and being gods of the sun and moon (Atsma). She would be my advisor because she compliments some of my strengths and knows what needs to be done, as we have both protected our mother together and defended her honor. The Nine Muses inspire creativity and I already have experience leading them in the choir (Atsma). They would fit the department of creativity, as many look up to them and appreciate what they do for the world. With my laws and strong cabinet, we will live in a world of order, freedoms, and justice. We will now think with reason and judge whether an action is worth the consequences.

The world now is full of hate, jealousy, and crime, but with some added restrictions, we can imagine the world as a place of balance, as we step towards peace and harmony. See Mt. Olympus, with all the gods and goddesses happily living, untouched by the guilt of harsh punishments to pointless mortals. See mankind, joining together, still worshipping us, still adoring us, but now less fearful and more grateful. We all can benefit from this as we all need some order and stability in our lives to live successfully. Olympus needs social reforms to prevent the suffering of some almost innocent beings. Too many people, gods, and heroes’ go unpunished because of their status. I am calling you to listen to your needs as you will be living under the next ruler for a while. Vote for one of the most powerful Olympians, the one who brought order to mankind and can do the same for the heavens, to see these changes and differences. Join the sun party and let us all shoot for a brighter future.

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Thanks To Apollo For The Boundless Wisdom of Zeus
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