The Importance of Cleanliness in Hospitals

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Considering the hospital settings, it is seen that the Registered Nurse is liable for the nursing care of the patients starting from the admission and ending to discharge. However, in many hospital settings, it is seen that numerous patients are being assigned to a Registered Nurse and over there the role of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) comes in to play. Registered Nurse must take responsibility for understanding the way of delegating the nursing tasks to the UAP.

Considering the provided scenario, where I am assigned the responsibilities of a charge nurse.

There are 4 Registered Nurses, 1 Licensed Practiced Nurse and 2 Unlicensed Assistive Personnel working with me and a critical situation arise where a patient is pulseless as well as not breathing. In this report, I will focus on the tasks that can be delegated to the UAPs and will also focus on the way of collaborating LPN as they are very much new in this field and does not have experiences that are essential in this situation.

Discuss what tasks you could delegate to the UAPs?

Unlicensed Assistive Personnel can be a delegate with tasks like providing effective care to the patients along with the safe environment. Therefore, they can be provided with tasks like maintaining the cleanliness of the ward as well as maintaining the cleanliness of the patients. Therefore, they should be provided with the tasks that do not need any services of skilled professionals like that of the sterile techniques (Wagner, 2018). The two UPAs who are present with me look after the cleanliness of the ward as well as they will look after the patients who are making the ward dirty and will clean them to the earliest.

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As they don’t have the license, therefore, they could not be provided with any job which requires the sterile techniques.

Registered Nurse is not only restricted for working within the hospital settings, but they also play a significant role as they provide various services in various settings of the healthcare. Besides monitoring the patients they also administered drugs to the patients, helps in educating the patient’s family regarding the patient’s condition as well as consults with the other health care service provider’s professionals. Considering the provided scenario, there are 4 RNs who will be working with me, and among these 4RNs 2 RNs will look after the patient having the most critical situation of losing the breath. RNs are the most experienced nurses that I have with me, and therefore, 2 of them should look after the critical patient.

The LPN working on the unit is a new graduate and has been employed for only 4 weeks. How would you collaborate with this nurse when delegating tasks for completion?

License Practical Nursing works as the intermediate as they exchange as well as provide information of the patients to the physicians as well as they collect all the data of the patients. They collect the patient information as they generally work with the one-to-one patient. They also take the patient’s demographic as well as the patient’s admission and gather the vital history of the patients and the surgical history. They also assess the wounds as well as also take care of the patient’s medicines.

As per the provided scenario, I have one LPN who is newly graduates and that LPN will be looking after all the patients taking all the essential information of the patients and conveying them to the doctors. Therefore, LPN will be asked for assisting the RN as well as collecting the data of the patients. As there is an emergency patient according to the provided scenario, therefore, the LPN should work under RNs supervision (Stewart et al., 2015). The task of the LPN must also be appropriately explained by me as I am the in-charge of the nurse which will incorporate the vital recording changes as well as monitoring, administrations and medications of the patients.

Discuss how you will maintain the safety of the other clients on your unit while three nurses are occupied with the client requiring resuscitation?

As three of my RNs are already busy in attaining the patient having the critical condition, therefore, with one RN and one LPN and two UPA I have to maintain the safety of the other patients. One RN will be assisted by one LPA for taking charge of all the other patients, and the UPA will look after the non-sterile techniques that they can perform. Being a nursing in-charge, I require monitoring all the work that is going on in my ward for ensuring everything is going well.

Explain how might effective delegation to other team members contribute to the care of the clients on the unit?

Effective Delegation is considered to be an essential factor on the ground of leadership activities. It helps in maintaining the equilibrium between the staff management and the staff’s workloads. Therefore, being an in-charge nurse, I need to manage every task and ensure that it is being delivered in a safe as well as the healthy environment and provide the safety sense (Lee et al., 2015). Effective delegation will help in equal task distribution, and therefore no nurses will be overburdened with their tasks, and they will be motivated in doing their tasks.

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