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Anne Hutchinson The Rebel Paper

Anne started the centuries long, and even still aging on today fight for equality, and complete freedom for all women in America. Every American should know the story of Anne Hutchinson and what she stood for in a time when equality in Puritan American was absolutely unheard of. Anne Mammary the birth name of our rebel was born into humble beginnings. She was the eldest daughter of Francis Mammary, and Bridget Dryden. She was born in Alfred, England, but early on in her life she moved to London.

In the early stages of her life Anne was heavily influenced by her father, whom was a clergyman that was educated at Cambridge, and an active Puritan reformer. Anne inherited from her father the same interest in religion, as well as her father’s principles, along with his rebel qualities that he frequently exhibited. Francis, Ann.’s father, after concluding that there was a lack of competency among his fellow clergyman in the Church of England, felt that these minister’s did not garner their positions from adequate training but through political interests.

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After openly criticizing, and critiquing the Church he was arrested for “subversive activity’. Francis was thrown into Jail for a years’ time. Although this did deter him for the time being he continued to be airtight about the Church’s problems which, led to him arrested quite frequently. Ann.’s father may have very well embedded this same rebel attitude into Anne at an early age, which shaped the soon to be rebel. At the age of twenty one Anne married William Hutchinson a wealthy merchant and fellow Puritan reformer.

After the Elizabethan Settlement, Puritan families were forced into paying taxes to the Crown of England along with multiple other non- Anglican sects of the church. English Separatists angered by this, left England and in 1620 departed for America setting sail on the May Flower leading to the establishment of Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1634 the Hutchinson including their fifteen children came to American on the Griffin, losing four of their children in early childhood, as well as one on the Journey from England to America a trend the Hutchinson family was to accustom to.

Once settled into the colony of Plymouth, Anne who at the time was a very prominent midwife, housewife, and mother, decided to start a weekly women’s group. This group met in the Hutchinson home and would discuss the previous Sundays sermons. After quite some time Anne started to share her contradictory theological mined appraisal of Sir Henry Vane, Plymouth governor at the time. Keep in mind during these Puritan times women were not considered equal of men, Anne a woman who was repeatedly threatened and oppressed, depended on her strong inner spiritual belief in the Holy Spirit, and repeatedly fought for back what she believed.

In 1637 Sir Henry Vane Plymouth governor at the time, as well as a proficient follower of Ann.’s lost his governorship to John Winthrop. Winthrop did not share the same views as Anne and Vane, and Winthrop considered Anne Hutchinson to be a threat to him and other Americans. Winthrop decided to put Anne onto trial for heresy, and “traducing the ministers. ” She fought back heroically during her trial saying that God gave her “personal revelations” a comment that made supporters of her question her soundness at the time.

After comments the court found as blasphemous from Anne, the decision was made to banish her and her family from the colony. After being exiled from Plymouth, Anne her husband, thirteen children and sixty followers or so settled on the island of Accidence (Rhode Island), naming the town Posthaste. Anne acting as the head of this group, again considered outrageous at the time, founded Rhode Island’s first civil government. Four years after the group settled at Posthaste, William Hutchinson died.

Anne decided to take her children excluding the five eldest, to the Dutch colony that resided in New York. A few months thereafter Ann.’s home was raided as an act of retaliation. Anne herself including five of her youngest children were slaughtered. Anne Hutchinson was the first American woman to speak out against inequality. A rebel is someone who “resists any authority, control, or tradition. ” Anne resisted the authority of the prejudice Puritan church, as well as biased men at the time.

She fought back all forms of tradition that made women lesser than men, and she was defiant against the backlash she caused from this. No matter what could have been the outcome or punishment from her actions, Anne spoke and preached in what she believed, Anne disagreed with the role of women in the Puritan society, as well as original sin, saying that one couldn’t look into the eyes of a child and see sin therein. ” Anne Hutchinson was a rebel, a rebel who was bashed, downcast, and killed for what she believed.

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