Action Potential Psychology Example

Action Potentials Name: Cattail Magical Instructor: Date: 03. 192015 Predictions Exceeding threshold deportation at the trigger zone generation Of an action potential. Increases Action potential amplitude decreases with distance Increasing frequency of stimulation to the trigger zone increases number of action potentials Materials and Methods the likelihood of Experiment 1: Effect of Stimulus Strength on Action Potential Generation Dependent Variable membrane potential Independent Variable stimulus strength (voltage) Controlled Variables frequency of stimulation, type of neuron

Experiment 2: Effect of Frequency of Stimulation on Action Potential Generation frequency Of stimulation stimulus strength (voltage), type Of neuron 1.

Which part of the neuron was stimulated? 2. Where was membrane potential measured? 3. What was used to measure membrane potential? Results Table 3: Membrane Potentials at Different Stimulation Voltages, by Location. A. Values Of maximal deportation Of membrane potential (ran) at different stimulation voltages, by location. Location Axon hillock Axon O V (no stimulation ) -68. S -68. 5 -63. 6 -72,4 b. Action potential Generation,

Laboratory Report/ Cattail Magical/ Action Potentials/ / 03. 19. 2015/ Page [1] of [4] Stimulation Voltage -56.

1 -63. 8 31. 4 31. 7 30. 9 Location Action potential generated? Difference in action amplitude with distance Stimulation voltage O V (no stimulation ) 99. 4 Graph 1. Maximal deportation of membrane potential at axon hillock and axon after different stimulation voltages. Resting membrane potential = -70 NV. 1. What was the resting membrane potential (no stimulation) recorded in Table 3? 2. At which stimulation voltage(s) did you see decremented conduction of graded attention from axon hillock to axon?

Action Potential Psychology

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Action Potential Psychology Example
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