Essay On Life Without Colours

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Imagine the World without Colours

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Jubilee, King Davis was one of the kindest rulers in a thousand years. One day, his family received a letter from their uncle John inviting them to a fun day. With much joy, the family packed their personal belongings and headed for Baskalin, the border between Kingdom Jubilee and Kingdom Wisdom.

On the way to Baskalin, the family saw some of the most amazing scenery in all the land. The beautiful turquoise Lake Prince was sparkling in the warm, golden sunlight of the April morning. The sweet smell of the freshly cut yellow grass mixed with dirt met their noses as the carriage moved down the muddy road. Above Lake Prince the sky was crisp and clear with cotton ball clouds painted with sky blue edgings.

The fields were a patchwork of colors. Lavender, strawberries and sunflowers beamed at the sun and danced with the lazy breeze. Juicy apples mixed with orange citrus, curly bananas mixed with green papaya. Plump blueberries were ripe for the picking. From miles away, the smell of the rich fruits reached the King’s carriage and stimulated the appetite of the royal family. What a beautiful world!

Life Without Sun Essay

Jubilee Kingdom got its name because the people were always happy and enjoyed their gorgeous environment.

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The colorful surroundings and the pleasant smell of nature with sweet fruits bought joy to everybody. It was at the very moment that King Davis closed his eyes to enjoy the rhythm of the carriage, that something strange suddenly happened. The melody of birds stopped, the sky turned black and the wind became wild. “What, what is going on!?” cried the King as he opened his eyes to check on his family. “A thunderstorm is coming Your Highness, please do not worry” reassured the carriage driver.

It was then that the rain poured down from the sky and everything became covered by fog. The King and his family waited, and waited, and waited until the rain stopped. Finally the sun was back, but everything was changed. The colors were washed away with the rain leaving the world black, white and dull shades of grey. The light of the sun became brighter but the king could not feel the heat. No longer did the sun have a warm yellow glow, instead it turned to blinding white. The King was frightened by the change. He couldn’t understand what was happening. All of King’s expectations of the surroundings had altered. He couldn’t believe the images that he was seeing. He thought he was seeing an optical illusion created by a change in the light waves, but his family reminded him that this is the reality of Jubilee Kingdom.

It is the realm of being that happens in Jubilee Kingdom once every hundred years. The colors were stolen by the evil witch living in Misery Cave. For the next twelve months, citizens of Jubilee Kingdom have to live without color until the evil curse was broken. Everyone including the King found it difficult to adjust. They were no longer able to see after sunset. Everything turned black. During the daytime, people become more dependent on communication and their sense of hearing.

Their knowledge source was changed due to the loss of colors. Since people lost their visual perception, they had to double check everything through sound and touch. Never did it occur to the King that Jubilee Kingdom would suffer so much, even the melody of birds turned disturbing, and the sweet smell of juicy fruits turned sour. People no long enjoy living in Jubilee Kingdom. The change in blindness caused a rapid increase in depression and affected people’s emotions. People were used to a beautiful Jubilee Kingdom instead of being locked up in a world without colors. Losing the visual sense and reality made it difficult for people to stay rational thus the organic (human nature) changed from blind trust.

As days went by, people had to learn to adapt the environment without colors. Although it was difficult and depressing, they had no other choice. Tourists stopped coming to visit Jubilee Kingdom and farmers could not work properly as all they could see was black and white. Life continued without happiness. Every day people were expecting change and experimented with new methods to make their new life better.

Under the new environment, fashion designers redesigned the patterns of clothing with black and white to create new fashions. The lifestyle of people changed little by little, making progress to adapt to the environment without colors. It is true that the quality of living went down but at some point, people had to accept it and ignore the inconvenience. The King and his family were left in the middle of the land with nowhere to go because without colors, the carriage driver couldn’t be sure which way to go. They were lost in the middle of their journey. Like everyone else, the King and his family eventually learned a new way of living.

Twelve months sounded a long time but when people began to get used to their new routine, the time flew by. On the dawn of the 366th day after the thunderstorm, the evil curse was broken by magical fairy. After a few simple flicks of her wand, the colors were returned to Jubilee Kingdom. Men on the street were busy celebrating the return of color, while woman were busy cleaning up the huge mess that was left over.

At first, people were slow to adapt back to a world with colors. They were now used to seeing the days filled with only black and white colors. Things began to return to normal, people with depression were cured without medical treatment. The visual perception became the most dependent and reliable perception that people were using, and auditory perception became less important. Most of all, people’s lives returned to normal. The King realized that it was possible for one to adjust to another environment, the secret is that time is of the essence.

After twelve months of delay, the King and his family decided to move on with their journey. Within a few days, they reached Uncle John and had the biggest fun day in the history of Jubilee Kingdom. From that day forward, the King and the people of Jubilee Kingdom enjoyed their colorful surroundings every day and lived happily ever after. The End. Knowledge issues: When the king and everyone lost their sense to colors, they have to adjust to their new life through experience and time.

They found it difficult to change the way they lived because it turned out that the people were heavily depended on their sense to colors. There are other factors needed to be taken into account, such as the way the human’s brain is not designed to see without colors so this might have mixed up the way our brain functions. I think that you’ll be able to train you brain to only see black and white, because that’s how the ancient people lived inside caves, but it would take time for the transition. That is why when the colors returned, people had to spend some time adjusting from black and white back to colors.

The color transition also varies between people because just like the optical illusions, some people were able to see it straight away and some people just could not get it. However, in this case, just because those people could not see the optical illusion, they could still train their brain to become sensitive in seeing black and white. I wonder if this happened to me, what are the ways that I would conquer this disability because loosing the sense to colors isn’t the same as loosing the eyesight, and although you’re able to see, you can’t really see. It would be difficult to distinguish shapes, distance and finding the subjects that you’re looking for. I think that it will be a wonderful experience if I could experience it myself for a short period of time.

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