Analysing Causes Effects And Implications Of Sibling Incest Social Work Essay

This literature reappraisal focuses on research that is related to sibling incest and discusses the causes, effects and deductions that sibling incest has on the victim, culprit and the household. It focuses on the types of research that is conducted and the failings and strengths of these surveies. It besides discusses farther deductions and suggestions for future research in respects to sibling incest. It is meant as a reappraisal of the types of research and how this affects our positions on sibling incest and ways that we can better future research to assist those that are victims, culprits and impacted by sibling incest.

Sibling Incest is a immense tabu in the US and an issue that is mostly dismissed as something that is non experienced by the general population and occurs merely in a really little sum of instances. After reading each of these articles, it has become clear that there is a important deficiency of research sing this peculiar signifier of household maltreatment.

Much of what has been researched seems to belie each other and are inquiries sing this concealed tabu continue to travel unreciprocated. When most people in the US think of incest, specifically sibling incest, they seem perplexed as to what causes this desire in people and how this plays out in a household.

Sibling incest seems to be considered one of the highest signifiers of maltreatment within a household and demands to be researched so that we may get down to understand the full impacts this has on persons and households.

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By researching and understanding this maltreatment more thoroughly we might be able to forestall future incest instances and aid victims and culprits recover from such a violent signifier of maltreatment. We might besides be able to come to understand the full impacts of sibling incest and if our positions as a state and our tabu against it holds true. Does sibling incest violate such basic psychological positions and swearing relationships that might damage the victim more than any other type of household maltreatment?

Thompson discussed why incest between siblings demands to be studied more than any other country ( 2009 ) . The writer described the sibling relationship in respects to incest and the effects the incest has on the victim and the household as a whole. Thompson sheds visible radiation on the households of sibling incest relationships and different theories that can get down to explicate the household system and household response upon revelation of the maltreatment. The writer examines how blaming plays a portion in the reactions to incest revelation by the household, and how this affects the wellness and well-being of the victim.

Thompson describes different get bying mechanisms and the effectivity of group therapy in the lives of incest victims. The writer briefly discusses different theoretical models that might help in work covering with female victims of incest. Thompson focuses on household systems theory and the relationships within the household. A group theoretical account is mentioned as a successful manner to work through incest injury and develop healthy get bying schemes. Short-run and long-run group theoretical accounts are discussed in their benefits and disadvantages that each provide ( Thompson, 2009 ) .

Snoging Your Sister

The article Kissing Your Sister summarizes a survey performed by three evolutionary psychologists, Debra Lieberman, John Tooby, and Leda Cosmides. The survey sheds light as to what makes people avoid incest dealingss. The survey was performed on 600 people and investigated their household histories and relationships. The survey suggested that there are two chief things that trigger us to avoid sexual relationships with our siblings. These triggers are the sum of clip that the individual spends with the kid ‘s female parent at a immature age and the sum of clip the two spend populating in the same house. Harmonizing to the writers, these trigger two evolutionary procedures that are good to the endurance of worlds. Altruism and antipathy to incest aid persons to last by acquiring along and avoiding possible malfunctions in reproduction.

Sibling Incest: Reports from 41 Survivors

In the article, the writers discussed a survey that was performed with 41 grownups who experienced sibling incest. The research was done due to a important deficiency of old research in this specific country. Included in the survey were work forces and adult females, culprits and victims. The sample consisted largely of Caucasic propertyless adult females with a average age of 39 old ages old. They asked open-ended and closed-ended inquiries sing the maltreatment, who started it, the continuance, and revelation.

The study consequences reported several findings. It suggested that the mean age difference was around 4 old ages with victims being, on norm, around age 7 at oncoming and age 13 at the terminal of the maltreatment. The inquiries investigated several issues included who initiated the maltreatment and the menace of force that is placed on the person. The writers besides investigated other sexual maltreatment experienced by the participants and the environment of the household, including any physical, emotional, and/or sexual maltreatment experienced with other household members and non-family members.

In the article, the writer investigates possible causes that might take to sibling incest including violent places, disregard, and a demand for love and raising. The writer suggests that force in the place may act upon a kid ‘s sexual individuality and perchance act upon the desire for incest. The writer defines violent households, the construct of raising, and sibling incest in order to make a image of how they might interact and act upon each other.

The writer uses anecdotal grounds to back up her positions that household force may take to a different sexual individuality in the kid and sibling incest desires. The writer explores the procedure kids exposed to violent households might travel through. She recognizes the demand for connexion, comfort and raising that the kid has and suggests that they begin to look for this emotional connexion in their siblings. She investigates the sexual advancement and geographic expedition that a kid goes through from birth to adolescence and how this might be affected by household force. The writer discusses the possible effects of shame and how this might do a kid more vulnerable to sibling incest.

Thompson argues that a long-run group theoretical account is best used when working with incest victims. Thompson ends the article forcing for a broader attack when look intoing the lives and injury of incest victims, looking at the manner household kineticss and interactions play a portion in taking to incest. Thompson recommends group therapy as a manner to assist victims experience understood and work through their header accomplishments as a group.

Snoging Your Sister

The writers interpret their consequences from their survey on sibling incest to propose that the sum of clip the possible incest spouse spent with you in the same roof and being raised by the same female parent, predict the likeliness of incest behaviour. The more clip the stepsibling or sibling does pass in these conditions increase the likeliness that you will avoid incest Acts of the Apostless. They besides suggest that adult females are more likely to avoid sibling incest perchance due to the desire to reproduce healthy progeny. The writers suggest “ that antipathy to sibling incest is strongest among siblings of the opposite sex. ( Lieberman, Tooby, Cosmides, pg. 1 )

Sibling Incest: Reports from 41 Survivors

The writers in this survey were led to believe that the mean age difference between culprits and victims was 4 old ages with the most instances of sibling incest experiences including caressing and holding the sibling ‘s genitalias rubbed on the topic ‘s organic structure. The survey suggests that a bulk ( 68.3 % ) of participants were coerced, threatened or bribed in order to coerce cooperation. ( pg. 9 ) It suggested that more male participants believed the sexual experience was consensual. It besides suggested that more maltreatment ended when the culprit left place, versus the victim.

The bulk of participants “ perceived themselves to be emotionally abused by being ridiculed, degraded or set down, emotionally neglected, or threatened with maltreatment. ( pg. 10 ) ” The research workers discovered that revelation of sexual maltreatment occurred about seldom. The bulk of participants besides reported holding sexual experiences with other household members. The survey concluded that “ sibling incest can be durable and often entails intercourse. In most instances the sexual behaviour was coerced in some manner. Parents were rarely cognizant of the maltreatment while it was happening, and factors other than revelation most frequently led to the incest stoping. ( pg. 13 ) . ”

Harmonizing to the writer, the effects of sibling incest can be traumatising as the single enters maturity. The writer believes as a consequence of her anecdotal grounds and researching ideas on sexual geographic expedition throughout childhood development, that the kid ‘s reading of sexual geographic expedition might be altered due to the maltreatment and the kid ‘s hunt for another signifier of raising in their environment. As the kid develops their positions on this will change, in which instance they might see their incest acts as disgusting and no longer normal, therefore the grownup undergoes important psychological hurt. The writer suggests that harmonizing to the determiners theoretical account, a deficiency of societal support and parental handiness will go forth the kid at high hazard for sibling incest, both as a culprit and victim.

Strengths/Weaknesses of each survey

In the article Sibling Incest: Reports from 41 Survivors, there are so many elements that skew the findings of the research workers. First, the research workers interviewed both culprits and victims, doing the rubric of the article really deceptive. By questioning culprits every bit good as victims, they are skewing the information to stand for either higher or lower per centums in certain countries. The age difference between culprits and victims was skewed because they used all participants ‘ informations as stand foring of the victim, and their opposite number as stand foring of the culprit, even though there were several persons in the survey that reported originating the maltreatment. Several other misunderstandings of this information might hold led to skewed findings and misinterpretations of sibling incest.

Sibling Incest within Violent Families: Children under 12 Seeking Raising nowadayss some good suggestions and possible thoughts on what might do some signifiers of sibling incest. It presents good anecdotal grounds that might take to really good research surveies that will look into this correlativity in more deepness. However, the anecdotal grounds and the mere sentiments of the writer are non plenty to come to any decisions about the correlativity between household force and sibling incest. It is n’t adequate to alter therapy, bar, and intercession in respects to sibling incest. These types of articles are great gateways that lead to farther probes of relationships and causes of many types of household force and go on to be the start of research that has n’t been investigated yet.


It is clear that there needs to be much more researched in respects to sibling incest in order to understand the full kineticss and deductions of this misdemeanor upon an person. The articles that are mentioned above Begin to turn to these issues, some of which really addressed possible deductions that sibling incest has on persons. However, most of the research was targeted at causes of sibling incest. They all came to similar decisions such as the culprit is by and large about four old ages older than the victim. The lone article that seemed to turn to the deductions of maltreatment on persons was Sibling Incest: Reports from 41 Survivors, and this even was really brief and concise.

They suggested that victims might experience a sense of misgiving towards the opposite sex as grownups and experience uncomfortable in sexual relationships. Most surveies performed open-ended and close-ended inquiries on grownups that had experienced sibling incest as kids. Thompson describes different ways to assist victims get by with the maltreatment as grownups by utilizing group therapy and learning get bying mechanisms. The deductions that these surveies hold on farther research of sibling incest are important. Further research should be used to execute different types of surveies and experiments including long-run surveies.

This becomes a challenge when normally sibling incest is non disclosed until the victim is an grownup and much clip has passed since the maltreatment. We should besides concentrate our surveies to detect precisely how sibling incest might impact the victims and the households throughout the life-time and in the following coevals. Although some of the research examined was thorough, it is of import that we continue research on this capable affair in order to go confident of the causes and understand the household state of affairss that might take to mistreat. Since some of the grounds is contradictory, it would be helpful to derive more penetration with better designed surveies and larger sample sizes. I hope that some of these articles encourage more research to be done on such a hard subject to understand as sibling incest.

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