Jack Taylor and the prodigal son of Ken Bruen Review

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The protagonists of the crime series of the Irish author Ken Bruen has been badly added life. This and his Irish soul typical of his character, his behavior, his emotions. In the past, he was possessed by demons, drowned himself in alcohol, constantly had a “Lull” between the teeth, and some hard drug is it also ruined. Now he has also spent half a year in psychiatry. He had Jeff and Cathy, his best friends, offered as a babysitter, then was only a moment inattentive, as their three year old daughter Serena climbed on a window sill … That the child because of him was killed, is Jack’s eternal trauma, but also the relationship with and between Serena’s parents break it.

Jeff becomes aimless Penner, Cathy leaves Galway

It has long been Jack no longer in the police service. Now he is looking for a job as an object protectors or takes its always been half-hearted private investigator activity again.

Through the entire novel, the painful topic of pedophilia by priests draws with dependent altar servers. Already in 1953, Father Joyce had his joy small three boys. has particularly bad that his housekeeper, a nun, known by his love of games, but always silent because they did not dare to go against a priest. Instead, they comforted the children with chocolate. Even the mothers of the children involved were Catholic priests closer, did not tolerate malicious insinuations and threatened with beatings.

In 2003, one finds the severed head of Father Joyce in the confessional.

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Who is the killer? One of the three former altar boy? Full Dublin is in turmoil. The hunting season on clergy hereby begins. A drug lord is a hefty sum as a bounty on the murderers. Father Malachy, who two years earlier itself was on trial, but was acquitted turns to Jack Taylor, asking him urgently for help, wants a discrete determination in which the names of the victims should be protected. Now, one expects a tough Enlightenment, when the disgusting dirt is hard wegzukehren but Ken Bruen wants to tell the reader much more. The criminal plot is a minor matter.

Ireland, the idyllic evergreen island with a climate that goes through all the seasons every day, is experiencing an economic boom, globalization rolls up all about. Galway, the small town where everyone knew everyone else, and they helped each other, no longer exists. Just it was chosen as the dirtiest city in the country. Now they must accept immigrants. The Catholic Church, Ireland’s traditional foundations is shattered by the force of the allegations against its leading figures. The men wear their money in the numerous pubs, the women endure their family martyrdom despite everything firmly believing in their Catholic God. The suicide rate in Ireland is growing faster than anywhere else. The Loser Jack Taylor is a part of this milieu. He still performs usual routines – crosses himself, lights a candle, the Lord’s Prayer murmurs (Irish: “In ainm to Athair …”);

When he was a child but already, tore Catholicism his family: His father hated the church, while his mother with Father Malachy “was joined at the hip” (page 65). The later of life of her son, she could only with the words “May God forgive you” comment. Jack Taylor has a painfully wounded, sensitive soul who longs for love. But unfortunately he is a lone wolf. In its permanent melancholic depressive mood he finds temporary stop in the music of Johnny Cash and some books. People he distrusts on principle; he can only deal sarcastic with them. How he must himself hate if he avoids eye contact with a mirror … Ken Bruens thrillers received numerous awards such as the 2009 Grand prix littérature policière, 2010 the German Crime Fiction Prize.

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Jack Taylor and the prodigal son of Ken Bruen Review
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