Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor

Mildred D. Taylor

What effect has the Depression had upon the Logan family?
drop in price of cotton and papa leave’s to work

How is Cassie’s school different from the one that the white children attend?
Her’s is small and cramp but the white’s is much bigger

Why are the calendars of the white and black schools different?
because the blacks have to work the fields so they start after October

What does the “burning” incident reveal about racial attitudes in Sokane County, Mississippi
the amount of racism there was there

What is the children’s reaction to the school bus that threatens them as they walk to school?
Little Man was upset but everyone else was used to it

Why is Jeremy often ridiculed by other children? Why do you think he continue’s to walk with Cassie’s family?
since he is friends with blacks, he wants to show is not racist

Why doesn’t Cassie like her teacher Miss Crocker?
she is very strict

Why is Little Man upset about the schoolbooks?
because of the racial discrimination

Describe Cassie
9 years ols,female, second to oldest in the Logan Family, has self respect, loyal to her family, and has a temper problem

Describe Little Man
youngest in the Logan family, male, 6 years old, eager to lear, big temper problem, real name is Clayton Chester, and has self respect

Describe Stacey
male, 13 years old, oldest in the Logan family, strong, clever, and is loyal to friends

Describe Christopher-John
male, 7 years old, second to youngest in the Logan family, has self respect, has a stutter, and is timid

Describe Mama
her real name is Mary, she is a school teacher, and she is strict

Describe Papa
real name is David, values independence, and works on the railroad to keep the land

Describe Big-Ma
she is 60 years old, she is papa’s mother, and is down to earth

What trait do all Logan’s have in common?
self respect

Describe T.J. Avery
Stacey’s friend, mean, needs attention,and is a trouble maker

Describe Mr. Morrioson
tall, caring, and Papa brought him home for protection

Why does Papa come home for one day?
to bring home Mr. Morrison

Why does Papa want Mr. Morrison to stay?
for protection

Why does Papa tell the children not to go near the Wallace store?
people there drink and are racist

What is Big Ma’s reaction to Little Man’ anger toward the school bus? Why do you think she reacts this way rather than encouraging and supporting his anger?
she tells him not to get worked up about it, and she thinks it is a waste of emotion

What is Stacey’s plan for revenge against the Jefferson Davis school bus? Why isn’t T.J. included in the plan?
dig a ditch for the bus to fall into, he can’t be trusted

Why is Cassie convinced that she and her brothers are responsible for the threat of the white mob?
since she made the hol+e and now they want revenge

Why doesn’t Stacey feel the same way about Mr. Morrison as the other children?
he felt Mr. Morrison is making him less manly

Why does Stacey accept the punishment for cheating when he isn’t guilty?
he’s a loyal friend

Why does Mr. Morrison fetch the kids from the Wallace store?
He didn’t want them to disobey their parents and he doesn’t want the whites to see them fighting

why doesn’t Mr. Morrison tell Mrs. Logan that her children have gone to the Wallace store?
he left it up to them to tell her

Why does Mama take the children to visit Mr. Berry instead of scolding or whipping them?
felt it would make more of an impact that way

Why do Harlan Granger and Big Ma each have strong feelings about the Logan’s land?
Harlan Granger feels it is his family’s land but Big Ma has pride in her land

Why doesn’t Big Ma take Cassie’s advice to move the farm wagon forward where customers will notice it?
to leave spots open for white people

How does Cassie reveal her lack of sophistication on the day she goes to Strawberry?
she thought it would be bigger and was naive about racial discrimination

Compare Stacey’s and Cassie’s reactions to Mr. Barnett’s racist insults in the store
Stacey stays cool but Cassie got very annoyed

Why does Big Ma insist that Cassie apologize to Mr. Simm’s daughter in the degrading way that he requires?
she doesn’t want to anger any whites

Why does Cassie feel that “no day in my life has ever been as cruel as this one?”
she got humiliated in public

How is Uncles Hammer’s reaction toward bigotry different from that of the other adults in the family?
he had a big temper

What does Uncle Hammer decide to do when he learns how Mr. Simms treated Cassie? Why doesn’t he follow through? What do you think would have happened if he had?
he planned on hurting Mr. Simms but Mr. Morrison stopped him, if he hadn’t Uncle Hammer could have died

how does Mama explain southern bigotry to Cassie?
Whites think their better just because of their skin color

Why does Mama say “one day we’ll pay” after Uncle Hammer drives them across the bridge?
she’s scared they are jealous and want revenge

Why doesn’t Uncle Hammer want Stacey to get the coat back from T.J.?
if he is dumb enough to give it away he doesn’t deserve it

What happened in Mr. Morrison’s past that accounts for his attitude toward white injustice? Why do you think he makes himself remember his past instead of trying to put bad memories behind him?
white people killed his family and he remembers the tragedy so people will try to fight back

What is Little Man’s treasured Christmas gift? Why do you think he values this gift above all others?
his book because he never had his own before

Why does Papa discourage Stacey’s friendship with Jeremy?
Whites are know to turn their backs on people

Why is Mama fired from her job?
T.J. told whites that she covered the books with stuff

What evidence shows that the Logan family the effects of Mama’s dismissal from her job?
they can’t make the usual amount of corn muffins

Why does Papa delay leaving for his railroad job?
he felt that something bad will occur

Why can’t Mr. Avery and Mr. Lanier continue to boycott the Wallace store?
they are being pressured by their landlord

Why does Papa tell Stacey, “You were born blessed, boy…”?
since he was born living on land he owned

Why does Stacey feel responsible for his father’s injury?
he was unable to hold Jack

Why does Papa postpone contacting Uncle Hammer for a loan?
since he will ask why he needs the money and then go on a tantrum

Why does Mama think Mr. Morrison should leave?
it isn’t safe for him

How does the sale of the Packard provide evidence of the Logan’s strong ties to family and land?
they didn’t hesitate to sell the car in order to keep the land

Why does T.J. come to the revival with R.W. and Melvin?
to show off his friends

How do the Logan children react to T.J.’s story?
they didn’t believe him

Why doesn’t the white mob lynch T.J.?
Mr. Jamison convinced them to let the law decide

Why is it important that Cassie and her younger brothers return quickly to alert Papa?
to say the white mob is after Mr. Morrison

Why does Papa change his mind about punishing the children with his belt?
he had to divert the mob

What is that “known and unknown thing, something to never be spoken”?
that Papa started the fire

What is good about the fire
mob was diverted plus T.J. and Mr. Morrison won’t die

What is bad about the fire
know the Logan’s can’t pay taxes

marked by precise accordance with details

a procession (of wagons, mules or camels) traveling together in singlefile

showing no enthusiasm

capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all

lean and wrinkled by shrinking as from age or illness

worthy of only being despised and rejected

gradually increasing in volume

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