What Comes to Mind When You Hear Technology?

According to the talk of Sherry Turkle entitled connected, but alone it is about the new kind on connection that we are having. Because We are not being in control or our technology, rather the technology is being in control over us, we refuse to accept this fact but come to see of it and you will realize. Moreover, The relationship with others and ourselves and on how we isolate ourself to personal interaction in change of the digital interactions. And lastly the result of are action and haw we are being affected.

With this we will be able to reflect, realize and understand what is currently happening to our family, friend and,etc.

Connection nowadays can be easily done, with just a simple click you may be able to send a message that can cheer-up someone this can lead to positive or negative interactions, just like what the daughter of Sherry Turkle has done, this action involved technology. I have observed around us we are always holding our phones while on meeting, dinners,and while bonding with our friends, we even go online shopping to brings us to places that we can enjoy but we are not really having interaction with the people in front of us, but we are rather using technology to avoid them and to get out of a situation with the use of technology this can be easily done.

Speaking of avoiding or AKA ghosting,ghosting is a form of just leaving someone hanging without any closure or without any reasons of leaving after flirting with them in social media through chat.

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In the internet world Thomasian are known to be ghosters when it comes to online conversation or online dating applications that is why the hashtag #ghostUSTE is formed, some Thomasian use internet as a medium of so called connection or flirting because it is less risky and so that they can surely avoid face-to-face interaction because they know that this certain person will not last in their life. As said by Sandra Bullock As connected we are with technology, its also removed us from having human connection, made it more convenient to not be intimate.

We know that humans are intellectual and are highly capable to make a robot that can replace human. I am afraid that someday Robots will be better than human in-terms of skills and relationships. It is very heartbreaking that a grandmother will talk to a robot and not to her son,daughter,or grandchildren.

Let us put ourself in their shoes and realize that an old lady is expecting a robot to listen to her rather than a family member, isnt terrible to talk to someone who is not a human being but acts more than a human. Apart from this robots are now conquer the work space area that can result to higher unemployment rate because employers believe that robots is better than humans because robots can program all commands and can be more productive than humans.

In Conclusion Self reflection on what the cause of technology to us human does it make us a better human that God expected us or a human that makes a robot for give substitute for humans work of connecting

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What Comes to Mind When You Hear Technology?
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