• 1 During a vocabulary exercise you hear I have a compromise to

• 1. (During a vocabulary exercise you hear:) “I have a compromise to meet him at 6:00 this evening”

In this case , it is a clear evident that, problem is with incorrect usage of Vocabulary or it is also called false cognate usage. It means that , the word “compromise” is not appropriate for this sentence and instead of using this word , a student can use the word-“appointment”. Because during conversations, for meeting with someone we use “to have an appointment” instead of “to have a compromise”.

As we got information from this course , before correcting any mistake we must focus on activities which students participate , such as role plays, vocabulary exercises , debates etc. As it is a clear evident that, this sentence was used in vocabulary exercise and it means that, we must correct this mistake immediately , because in vocabulary exercise if we-instructors will not correct them immediately it could be problem for them in future with usage of the same word .And finally, for correcting the mistake I will use my voice tone .

When a student tell this mistake, I will repeat the same sentence as the student said , but with specific tone over the word of “a compromise”. Then student will hesitate from his/her response and he/she will think about a correct use of word carefully in the sentence.

• 2. (During a discussion you hear:) “I go ski next weekend”

Unlike the first case, in this case the problem is about Grammar. In the given sentence , it is clearly seen that, after the verb-“go” the word- “ski” must be used in the form of “skiing” because of providing Grammatical Accuracy.

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As I mentioned in the first case , for defining whether to correct the mistake immediately or not , depends on activities that students participate. And in the given case, a teacher held a discussion which means that, the best time frame for correcting is after discussion. Because if we correct the mistake immediately, it can cause some problems for students. The first and foremost problem is that, they may lose their confidence and may stop their discussion. And ultimately, for making a correction I can use new sentences with using “go + Verb + ing “(with modelling the sentence) and with asking a questions -“ Which sentence can be used with adverb-“next weekend” ?”.

• 3- (During a role play you hear:) “Give me one glass of water, waiter!”

This mistake is most likely to correct Vocabulary and Grammar usage. Because the correct using form is like that – “Give me a glass of water , waiter!” . As it is a clear that , indefinite articles can be used instead of “1”. As I mentioned in other cases , during role plays and activities that students participate actively must not be interrupted ,because they may lose their confidence and speaking can be annoying for them with continuous corrections by teacher. For making corrections I will use my voice tone which will be increased over the word of “one”.

• 4-(During vocabulary practice you hear:) “Mexico City is the greatest city in Mexico with almost 15 million people”

In this sentence we can see a false cognate use – “the greatest city” which can be used as “the largest city”. As it is vocabulary practice I will correct it immediately and I increase my voice over a mistake.

• 5- (During a group class activity you hear:) “She leaves in a small house in town.”

Like #4 it is also a false usage of word , instead of “leaves” the word – “lives” must be used. For correcting this mistake , I will discuss the definitions of the words- “Live” and “Leave” after a group class activity and analyze which is the most suitable for this sentence.

• 6- (During a debate you hear:) “He can’t play football because of his damaged leg.”

Like #4 and #5 it is also a false cognate use. In the given sentence, instead of “damaged” the word -“injured” can be used. I will discuss this mistake after a debate for not interrupting students` opinions. For correction I will use again my voice tone.

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• 1 During a vocabulary exercise you hear I have a compromise to
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