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Never in her past back, never return to the horrible place of her childhood – that Vanessa has vowed. Her parents were missionaries, and Vanessa did not care. At 15, she took off from the mission station and soon found in the mercenary Francisco a brother replacement. Whose troops joined Pieter Willem, a sadistic killer on. He made Vanessa from a lethal fighting machine. To be good, she had to fear for their lives constantly; he tormented, tortured, abused her. “Her whole life was a dance on the razor blade.

” Even today, she is overwhelmed by anxiety attacks, and in their mind they can not find peace voices at night. “The path of the wicked is death.” Unhealed cuts, running over her body, reports such as documents of their past.

The American author Taylor Stevens grew up as a child in the sect “Children of God”. Her parents were missionaries; they went with her through the whole world, and at times they lived in Africa.

In her gripping, well-to-read debut novel “Mission Munroe – The Tourist” (in the original Mit a purchase through this link to support my offer-danke!”

In the public eye for the Vanessa Munroe prefer as a man, and Michael can call;.. their androgynous supermodel figure allowed her Discreet and single-handedly she does around the world – good pay – orders of any kind for organizations, politicians, private citizens

she has just in Ankara completed their last job, and now she wants to take a break, but because Kate Breeden, lawyer reports from Dallas with good walking consulting firm, on the phone: Richard Burbank, oil magnate from Houston, now wants to hire the best private investigator after a number of other private investigators.

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His case:. adopted daughter Emily is four years ago embarked on a safari with two friends from Johannesburg and on the way to Nairobi, Kenya, lost Emily l. ast email came from Windhoek. The South African law enforcement agencies have tried on behalf of the US Embassy to trace the paths of three tourists, but the track winds up according to witnesses in the West African Gabon. The traveler Christof Berger is mentally ill and returned to his native Germany. He lives in a closed institution, unable to give details about the events on the road or possible about Emily’s whereabouts. From the second companion, an Australian, the authorities are aware of only the name

After an intense conversation with Burbank Munroe takes a search order at -. Reluctantly, but the thick salary can hardly refuse, and she dares to learn about, on old connections in their home unspeakable anything about Emily. Also on Burbank’s only condition it can be: You must have its security adviser Miles Bradford take. The 30-year Exsöldner she has now in tow, but quickly makes it clear who calls the shots in use.

With forged passports and residence permits we travel to Equatorial Guinea. Despite its huge oil deposits whose population is extremely poor. After a coup (1979) ruled President Nguema Mbasogo the small country with brutal hand, and today it is a dictatorship; corruption flourishes.

The black continent is (unfortunately) a perfect setting for an action thriller. Countries in which it of mercenaries in Israel trained security forces and unrestrained criminals abound, to an often untamed, relentless nature – that promises pure adventure and can take the reader into a hell where the protagonists crawl through the dense jungle of tropical rainforest, in mangrove swamps almost sinking, hunt on Zodiacs over the sea, being pursued by gangs … And Vanessa Munroe Taylor Stevens has created a façettenreiche protagonist who every reader captivates.

Whether Emily is still alive ? If so, someone has kidnapped? Unfortunately, we suspect the solution too early – but you will be surprised …

In the sequel can be curious: With a purchase through this link to support my offer – thanks! ”

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Mission Munroe - The tourist of Taylor Stevens Review
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