The cellist of SarajevoThe Sarajevo is Stevens Galloway’s novel

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The cellist of Sarajevo

The Sarajevo is Stevens Galloway’s novel the novel is talking about small parts of life with its people, who act different character, different case, and different reaction. But by the end every one of them loved his life and his decision, and how they hated the war and its affect,

and now we will show you we will show you in my words some samples of these people and their life’s as Steven Galloway presents them.

Cellist The first character in the novel he was the Cellist man, he saw twenty-two people die outside of his window during the war after he woke up from his trauma, he decided to put his bad experience in the history by playing everyday for twenty-two days he attracted a crowd and he inspired people to return back their hope and believe in it.

“You don’t choose what to believe. … that quote suitable for Cellist because of his bad experience and how he changed his believes according to the the life levels and how he is treating with his life.

Arrow is the most important character in the novel. Her true name was, Alisa. She is a skilled soldier she is one of the best and talented experienced soldier she worked in the army because of her father, she was left to choose her own target and Arrow made sure to never hit civilians. Arrow worked to protect Cellist. She killed for disobeying her new commander.

“She wonders whether he can hear the music.

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He’s not much farther from the cellist than she is, so he must. Does it sound the same to him? What does he hear? What does he think about this man who sits in the street and plays?. That quote is matching with Arrow for what is a soldier is which hears from far and break in from far

which represents is a bravery.

Kenan He is a forty years’ old man which lived in Sarajevo with his family. Every three days he takes a hursh roads to bring clear water to his family. Every time he takes his road, he gets petrified but always in this time acts as a brave man and a leader in front of his family, in fact Kenan tried a lot of solutions to avoid being a soldier sometimes he thinks that his refuse maybe a disappoint his country but he wasn’t regret because he thought that being a soldier will put danger on his family in someway but didn’t want to risk it.

“The choices he made have left him without choice.” This spectacular quote its meaning is that Kenan is crumbling his life by culling choices that will end his life in fear.

Dragon Is a man who lived in Sarajevo Dragon worked in a bakery. He didn’t like the messy work and he refused to be a soldier, he didn’t want to be one. Everyday he had to take a hursh road as well to his work. In one-day Dragon saw a man being murdered in front of his own eyes and he refused to let the reporter record the murdering situation with the mans death body. After what happened Dragon took a strong decision on himself to stop fearing the snipers. As well as he wanted to change his life routine, upgrading his life to better.

Do one thing every day that scares you. … This majestic quote means that you can stop being terrified from anything…

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