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Harmonizing to many critics, The Great Gatsby is known as a great American novel. It contains a great trade of historical information, specifically for the 1920 ‘s epoch. In the novel, Scott Fitzgerald created many similarities between himself and both Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway. Jay Gatsby, who was the chief character, was a character that represented who Fitzgerald truly was in life. Nick Carraway was the storyteller in the narrative, andA expressed his sentiment on about every event in the novel.

A Daisy Buchanan was besides a major character in the novel. Her actions throughout the novel prove she was a shallow and really mercenary individual who ever chose money over love. This is apparent when she chooses Tom, who was a affluent adult male, over Gatsby, who was hapless at the clip. Therefore, if The Great Gatsby is a great American novel, so possibly there is a great trade of historical content of the 1920 ‘s, biographical content, and in-depth character inside informations, such as the similarities between the writer Scott Fitzgerald and both Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby.

A A A A A A A A A A A The Great Gatsby was filled with a great trade of historical content. The first illustration was the 1920 ‘s otherwise known as the “ Booming Twentiess ” ( Kryene, 2009 ) This decennary was known for many things, such as the Stock Market Crash, The Great War, and many new life styles. For illustration, “ Flappers ” were popular, and in the novel, Jordan Baker and Daisy Buchanan could be described as a flappers ( ovtg,2010 ) .

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A A A A A A A A A A A Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1948 in St. Paul Missouri to an Irish upper category Romanian Catholic household ( University Of South Carolina, January 15, 2007 ) . After traveling several times, Fitzgerald eventually enlisted in the ground forces during World War I™ , similar to that of Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway ( C. D. Merriman,2007 ) Fitzgerald ‘s characters all had a deeper meaningA to theirA names ; they were n’t merely randomly picked and put on a page. An illustration of this was Jordan Baker. Jordan ‘s name represents the Jordan River located in Middle Eastern state Jordan. Harmonizing to, It is known for non being a really navigable ( The Columbia Encyclopedia,2006 ) , similar to Jordan in the novel, who was an perfectly atrocious driver and hence, unable to voyage her vehicle right. In add-on to giving his characters ‘ names that had deeper significances, he besides created characters that represented who he wanted to be in life and who he really was. The individual that he wanted to be was represented in Nick Carraway, the honest, good friend of Gatsby. Likewise, Jay Gatsby represented who Fitzgerald was in existent life. Although Fitzgerald tried really hard in his life to be like his character Carraway, he made errors and did some things he was n’t excessively proud of, merely like the things Gatsby did in the novel. Fitzgerald besides attended Oxford University for his collegiate old ages, similar to that of Jay Gatsby in the novel. This played a immense function in his positions during the novel, particularly apparent in Nick Carraway ‘s sentiment of certain state of affairss. For illustration, when Nick attends the party with Myrtle and Tom at the flat in New York, he is perfectly aghast and outraged by the events that occurred at that place. This shows the readers that Nick felt the manner he did because he was raised otherwise than both Tom and Myrtle. This besides show ‘s Fitzgerald ‘s position on the events by the manner he portrayed Nick ‘s reaction. These are merely some of the ways that Fitzgerald added his personal life into his novel.

A A A A A A A A A A A One major character in the novel was Jay Gatsby, besides known as James Gatz. Harmonizing to Sparknotes, Gatsby was “ a immature adult male, around 30 old ages old, who rose from an destitute childhood in rural North Dakota to go fantastically affluent ” ( Sparknotes, 2010 ) .A Throughout the novel, Gatsby is known as a good individual at bosom, which was chiefly said by Nick Carraway, ( Fitzgerald, Scott, F “ The Great Gatsby ” ) . His good bosom was shown when he would make anything for love. This love in the novel was for Daisy Buchanan, the married woman of Tom Buchanan. Gatsby proved that for Daisy, anything was possible, which got him into a great trade of problem a batch of times, particularly towards the terminal of the novel. Gatsby even changed his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby to affect her or do the prevarication he told her about him being wealthy more concrete ( Schmoop University,2010 ) . Once he met Daisy, he realized he wanted to be affluent and have Daisy for himself. The name James Gatz represented the hapless manner he was raised in North Dakota. The hapless manner he was raised was with really small money, unlike that of Daisy. Gatsby besides represented who Fitzgerald genuinely was as a individual. Both work forces tried their best to be good people, but failed more times than non. Gatsby ‘s name besides had a deeper significance, like bulk of the characters in the novel. Gatsby greatly resembles the word beget, which, harmonizing ( Dictionary,2010 ) means “ to do ; produce as an consequence ” . In the novel, Gatsby believed that money beget power, and hence control over any scenario. He wanted Daisy, so he believed that when he became rich, the fact that she was married and had a kid would all vanish and they could be together. This unluckily for Gatsby, did n’t go on. Gatsby ‘s name besides has another significance to it. His name is really slang word for handgun, or “ rod ” ( Potpourri, 2007 ) It ‘s dry that Fitzgerald named Gatsby what he did, because a handgun was the very thing that ended Jay Gatsby ‘s life.

A A A A A A A A A A A Another major character in the novel was the storyteller, Nick Carraway. Nick shared his personal sentiment in many events that he narrated in the novel. He was said to possess the Cardinal value, or virtuousness of justness, otherwise known as honestness, which no other character throughout the novel possessed. Because of his honestness, many characters, such as Jordan Baker and Jay Gatsby, confided in him with their secrets. For illustration, when Myrtle Wilson was hit by a auto, it was Jay Gatsby that told Nick that Daisy did it and non himself ( Schmoop University, 2010 ) . No other character knew that Daisy was the 1 that hit Myrtle, because in the terminal, George Wilson shoots Gatsby because he blames Gatsby for his married woman ‘s decease ( Michigan State University, 2010 ) . This is what made Nick such a suited storyteller for the novel ; it was his truthfulness, irrespective of the state of affairs, that made the narrative what it was. Nick ‘s moralss besides contributed mostly to what his personality was. Nick did the right thing, even when the right thing was n’t clear or when no 1 was looking. He besides did n’t justice people, like several other characters in the novel did ; he acted as though he was simply a newsman describing a scene, and nil more. ( Ovtg, 2010 ) Nick besides represents a portion of Fitzgerald ; the portion being who Fitzgerald wished he could be. Fitzgerald wished he could be as unagitated, honest and nonjudgmental as Nick. This evidently was n’t true all the clip, because Gatsby, who Fitzgerald truly was, was nil like Nick. They were more or less antonyms.

A A A A A A A A A A A The concluding major character in the novel was Daisy Faye Buchanan, the married woman of Tom Buchanan and the major love involvement of Jay Gatsby. She was partly based off of Zelda Fitzgerald, the married woman of Scott Fitzgerald ( Sparknotes,2010 ) . She is besides known in Sparknotes as “ a beautiful immature adult female from Louisville ” . Because of Daisy ‘s utmost beauty, she could fundamentally hold anything she wanted, yet she was still unhappy with certain things in her life. For illustration, at her nuptials, the ceremonial, party, and every facet of it was expansive and seemed perfect. On the other manus, her matrimony was the exact antonym of the nuptials ; it was cold, and progressive. The imperfectnesss were shown when throughout the novel, Tom has an matter with Myrtle Wilson, the married woman of George Wilson. The ground she married Tom is absolutely described Thomas Parke D’Invilliers, whose is quoted in the beginning of the novel by stating “ Then have on the gold chapeau, if that will travel her ; If you can resile high, bounciness for her excessively, Till she cry ‘Lover, gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover, I must hold you! ‘ . Basically, Daisy wanted a affluent adult male who had a batch of “ toys ” or things. The wealth would do it so her hubby could pass a great trade of money on her, which she thought would take to her felicity for the remainder of her life. To her, Tom was the “ gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover ” , and when she foremost met Gatsby, he was hapless, and even though she loved him, she married Tom alternatively because he had the money that she ever wanted. In world, it ‘s clear that Daisy wants to state Tom that she does n’t love him any longer and she ‘d give up her life of luxury and go forth to be happy with Gatsby, but she wo n’t, because she wants the money Tom offers. So even though he has his personal businesss, she does n’t care, because he ‘s rich. Like every other character in the novel, Daisy ‘s name has a deeper significance, or instead her in-between name does. Her in-between name, Faye, is named after a white and xanthous flower ( tvtopes, 2010 ) . The flower is white on the outside and xanthous on the interior. The white represents Daisy ‘s childhood and her pureness during that clip. The yellow, on the other manus, represents corruptness ; intending the things that happened past her childhood were non so pure. She was besides partly based off of Zelda Fitzgerald, the married woman of Scott Fitzgerald ( Sparknotes, 2010 ) . Fitzgerald fell in love with Zelda at the immature age of 18, similar to Daisy and Gatsby ( PBS,2010 ) . Fitzgerald was n’t rich plenty for Zelda ‘s gustatory sensation, so she quickly broke off the battle. This is like when Daisy did n’t wait for Gatsby when he went off to war. Later in Fitzgerald ‘s life, he met up with Zelda once more, but this clip he was rich and had many written plants. Zelda and Fitzgerald married within the hebdomad of this happening. That is where it ‘s different than Gatsby and Daisy. But the similarities are at that place ; both Zelda and Daisy left the work forces they apparently loved because they were n’t affluent.

A A A A A A A A A A A There was really small unfavorable judgment in respects to The Great Gatsby in my sentiment, but there were a few distinguishable things. The first is the representation of the corruptness American dream. In the novel, it ‘s clear that Jay Gatsby represents the failed American dream, but I feel that the novel as a whole represents the corruptness that ‘s present in the American dream every bit good as the failure. The following is the intoxicant and sex that were present in the novel. Many times, the characters took topographic point in less than pure activities. An illustration is the party that Nick attends with Tom and Myrtle in the New York flat. There is imbibing, and hence intoxicated people, and there is an matter that takes topographic points between Myrtle and Tom. Both are married to different people. This is really impure for the both of them and besides for the fresh itself. Another clip is every clip a party is mentioned at Gatsby ‘s sign of the zodiac or house, there were ever dozenss of rummy people. The last thing is the immoral characters. Basically every character, excepting Nick, was immoral or impure in some manner. Tom and Myrtle were immoral because of their matter, George was immoral because he killed Gatsby, Jordan was because she lied invariably and Gatsby was because he was a hypocritical and bogus individual.

A A A A A A A A A A A In decision, the Great Gatsby had many absorbing characteristics every bit good as characters that made the novel every bit great as it was. The character of Daisy Buchanan showed philistinism in people in the 1920 ‘s. However, this can be related to people in today ‘s twenty-four hours and age every bit good. There was besides Nick Carraway, who presented the narrative with non merely a storyteller, but an honest individual among bogus prevaricators. Jay Gatsby besides played a immense function in the novel, being that he was the chief character. His emotions that seemed to find the determinations he made in his life dictated the flow of the novel ‘s secret plan several times. After all, the novel was written about his life. The novel was besides full of biographical information, although it was n’t ever obvious all the things Fitzgerald put into the novel, such as the character names. Along with biographical information, there was a batch of historical information as good. Fitzgerald tied several people, topographic points, and even events from the 1920 ‘s epoch to supply a good scene and plot line. Last, a movie of the Great Gatsby was released in 1974 having stars like Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Overall it was a great version of the film, but it had some distinguishable differences. The differences, which ranged from being every bit minor as a character line changed, to as big and utmost as a secret plan alteration, created differences between the film and the novel. The clip difference between when the novel was written in the mid 1920 ‘s, and the film, which was produced in the mid 1970 ‘s was the chief part to all the differences. The difference in clip periods created clangs in positions every bit far as the 1920 ‘s were concerned, which was when the scene was. Of class there were similarities between the two, like the decision and general secret plan thought. Therefore, the Great Gatsby is a great American novel and is extremely recommended.

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