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Philosophy Paper

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Paper type: Essay, Subject: Philosophy

Gitanjali is the one of the greatest book wich is written by the rabindernath tagore and it was written in bengali and it has been tranlated into english, gitanjali is the collcetion of 103 poems and for this poem tagore won nobel price the word “gitanjali” is drived from th rood git which means “git” means songs and “anjoli”means offerings and thus means “prayer offering of songs”and rabindernath became first non eropian who won the nobel price. It reflects on the iterrelationships among the poet or speaker, the deity ,and the world. He sometimes seems to be resisting tradional religion and prophetically looking towords a new spirituality. It resembles the poetry of mysticism and ofcouse tagore’s reaction ti the vision of reality. Here he presents the divine as the great affirmation, the fountion of energy, the source of life and death, and also the belief of the vedantic doctrine .
In the vedantic doctrine “that art thou” tagore expains pretty wll about the human existence in the word and also about the nature. Telling the true beauty about these things. His lyrics like a transparent and they open to us the door of inner spaces abd longing for the divine. Tagore like sufi saint brings out the concept reaching god through music and when i read tagore’s works writings would clearly say about the ocean and and personification of the human life and death.
Rabindernath writings
It is about full of inspiration and full of color. Gitanjali speaks of birth of life, to the death, nature and man’s quest for answers from god. Be it song or rain, nature or god,each poems disply the simplicity of thoughts. Nuances between god and man’s tributions with are captured beautifully in this book.while one poem describes a person waiting for the temple gates to be opened, the other describes beautifully a womean who is ready and awaiting her lord to come and embarence her. De- mystifying the joys of trhe naature is also one of the…

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