A Drama For Jack Taylor By Ken Bruen Review

Of the eight volumes about Jack Taylor have appeared so far four in German, all translated in the Atrium-Verlag and Harry Rowohlt. “A drama for Jack Taylor” So this is the fourth in a series – and for me the entrance into the tart laconic world of Irish “Black Mystery” (Irish Noir). Ken Bruen was born in 1951 in Galway, a master of this dark genre, as his numerous awards is confirmed: among others two Shamus Award, the Grand prix literature policière (2009) and the German Crime Fiction Prize (2010).

Stewart, Taylor’s ex-drug dealer sitting in Dublin in custody. He asks for an appointment, because he needs his help. You have his 20-year-old sister Sarah found dead in the stairwell: broken neck, an accident – for the police, not for Stewart. Under her body was found a book by John Millington Synge, an Irish playwright (1871-1909). Whose works are indeed the Irish National poetry, but Sarah had such a reading never elected. Soon depends Taylor in the middle, is found dead as a second student, again with a Synge book.

A third girl is raped.

In between Taylor has a date with his ex. He had recently at Café neither her blue eyes still can see her tears. But instead of their Tim awaits him, her current husband. With a Hurlingschläger it shows Taylor, what momentum he has in his hands and bashed him hospitalized. Now, unable to walk, Taylor takes his research again. may be able to bring him closer to the works of Synge a solution? Professor O’Shea, the humanities and competent connoisseurs of Irish poet is because just the other party.

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Besides, is kidnapped by a vigilante group Taylor, who fights against the decline in values ​​and to its own jurisdiction feels called. With their lance-like pikes they go viciously, for example, against rapists. Varied, manageable, exciting storylines captivate the reader to a showdown in the final chapter. Of course, the settlement with the perpetrator takes Jack Taylor.

Every few pages seasons started his linguistically already apartes work with a quote from one or two sentences extent. They mostly come from not so well-known American crime writers of the 20th century (Frederick Exley, Ann Rule, James Lee Burke, George V. Higgins, James Crumley … – perhaps literary ancestors of the genre?), But also by Henning Mankell (who died in 1945 in Dachau) of the German resistance fighter Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen, by Elie Wiesel (Nobel Peace Prize 1986) – and of course is also JM Synge it. The contexts remain as the source of information rather puzzling, and even the translator (Harry Rowohlt) speaks in the “footnotes” shrug of the “barren illuminations of the author”. On the other hand, make allusions to political events – UN resolutions, Iraq war, bombing in Bali, John Major’s affair with Edwina Currie – for grounding in current events.

Whatever Ken Bruen has created Jack Taylor a protagonist. probably has no equal. He’s a real underdog. For six months he is now clean. Until then, he has fed on nicotine, alcohol and drugs. What effort that self-discipline it took him to herauszubuddeln from the depressive hole. There was a love affair. Now he lives in a flophouse, a hotel which is run by the amiable Mrs. Bailey. Jack works hard, angular, lets herself go. At the same time it touched him in his deepest soul as J.M. Synge describes the country with cold, unstirred heart. Jack’s tough coolness is only a protective cover a sensitive, vulnerable core.

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A Drama For Jack Taylor By Ken Bruen Review
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