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It was a delicate, delightful, sunny day. Birds chirping, flowers blooming. That special day, I was born. I remember my parents telling me how happy they were. Because of my wonderful parents, I became a strong amazing woman and actress.

I am Elizabeth Taylor. I was born in Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, United Kingdom. I was born on February 27th, 1932. My father was a successful art dealer who had his own gallery in London. My mother was an actress.

Other things I know about my parents is that my mother was successful before marriage under the stage name of Sara Sothern.

The kind of childhood my brother and I had was tons of fun. I lived in a wealthy family. As a child, I lived in London. Years later, my family and I moved to Los Angeles California when I was about nine. I went to elementary school at West Reading, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. In 1942, I started acting in some movies.

I was only 10 years old. In 1944, I became an instant star playing Velvet Brown. My character was a feisty teen who competes in England’s notorious grand national steeplechase. I went to high school at University high school at Texas ave, Los Angeles, California. On July 14th, 1947 I appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. It was great for my career. I went to college at Denison College, Granville, Ohio.

I had a further education at Denison college. My first job and my only job was an actress.The men I got married to was Conrad Hilton Junior from 1950-1951, he was an American socialite, hotel heir, and businessman.

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Then I married Michael Wilding from 1952-1957. With Michael Wilding on January sixth, 1953 I gave birth to my son Michael Howard Wilding junior, he was my first son. Then, Mike Todd from 1957-1958, then Eddie Fisher from 1959-1964. While I was married to Eddie Fisher in 1959, I played Catherine in the movie “Suddenly Last Summer”. I was also nominated for academy award for best actress for my role. After I divorced Eddie Fisher, I became Hollywood’s best paid actress. I signed an a million dollar contract for the lead role Cleopatra. Richard Burton from 1964-1974. In 1967 Frank Zeffirelli helmed this adaption of William Shakespeare’s famous play in which I starred with my real life husband Richard Burton. It was in the movie, “The Taming Of The Shrew. Then, Richard Burton again from 1975-1976, then John Warner from 1976-1982. Then Larry Fortensky from 1991-1996. On April fifth, 1991 I released my perfume White Diamond. It sold very well. 25 Years before I released it I always dreamed of releasing my own perfume. In October, 1991 I established the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS program. My friend died of AIDS. I had three children. I lived in London then moved to Los Angeles.

In my hometown, life was amazing. I lived in Hampstead, Garden Suburb, London, United Kingdom. It was the most architecturally successful of London’s planned suburbs. I felt so happy in my hometown. I loved it.

The area of life I was famous for was acting. I first became interested in acting because performance was in my blood since my mom was an actress. A few major events in my life was in 1942 I made my screen debut at the age on 10 in “There’s one born every minute”. In 1943 I appeared in “Lassie come home”, my first film with Metro Goldwyn Mayer. In 1944, I starred in “National Velvet” with Mickey Rooney and I became a major child star and on July 14th, 1947 I appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. I first became well known when I was 10 years old. The most difficult time I have been through was my illness and my divorces. The most exciting times in my life was when I had my kids and when I got on the cover of Life Magazine. I traveled to the United States. I have met interesting people. I received lots of awards for my work.

At the end of my life I was living in Los Angeles, California. At this time my life was amazing. Other things I did in my life was being being a humanitarian. I died March 23rd, 2011 in Las Angeles, California when I was 69. I am buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California. I am remembered today by my kindness.

I think I have made an impact on other people’s lives by the charities I have started. For example, I started an AIDS charity. My very close friend died of AIDS which broke my heart. Since that happened, it was a reason why I started the charity. It’s also because I am a humanitarian.

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