Edward Taylor's "Huswifery"

Who was Edward Taylor?
A Puritan, who fled to the American colonies because of religious persecution (1642-1729).

What poem did he write?

What does huswifery mean?
Care and management of a household.

What is this poem about?
The poem is about trying to be closer with God, and being used by God.

How does Taylor show what the poem is about?
Taylor uses extravagant comparisons, intellectual wit, and subtle arguments.

What is the rhyme scheme of this poem?

What metaphor is used in the first stanza?
The spinning wheel.

What does conceit mean?
Strained metaphors that compare the connotations of two wildly different entities

What is an example of conceit in this poem?
“Make me, O Lord, Thy spinning wheel complete.”

What does the spinning wheel, distaff, flyers, spool, reel, and yarn have to do with Edwards background?
They are all found in a Puritan home. They are what gave the poem its title.

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Edward Taylor's "Huswifery"
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