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Penang Island or besides known by the name of Pearl of the Orient is a little island located in the north-western seashore of Peninsular Malaysia covering 285 sq Km and besides a narrow strip consisting 760 sq kilometer over on the mainland known as Seberang Perai. . Besides known to be a thaw pot for civilization and faith, Penang has a estimated population of about 1 million with a healthy mix of all major races in Malaysia with the Malays 32 % , the Chinese 59 % and the Indians 7 % .

With the different civilizations and faith Penang is rich in heritage and civilization which undertakings as a kaleidoscope of festivals and a assortment of jubilations throughout the twelvemonth ( travelmasti,2011 ) . This makes Penang one of the most visited provinces in Malaysia as a touristry musca volitanss. Tourism is considered one of the chief mechanism that drives the economic system and delivery in better outputs for the province.

Tourist Destination Essay

The history of Penang backdates to every bit early as the sixteenth century where Lusitanian bargainers sailing from Goa, India to the Far East in hunt for spices every bit good as to refill their supply of nutrient and H2O to go on their journey. They so named the island “ Pulo Pinaom ” which translates as Betel Nut Island. This is because of the abundant supply of areca nut thenar trees available.

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These trees are called Pinang by the local Malays ( Tourism Penang, 2010 ) .

It was during the eighteenth century, when the British took involvement in the island to serve them as a port for ship fixs and a good beginning of supply to spice and opium that was considered a moneymaking and valuable trade at that clip. Penang, whose originally was under the Sultanate of Kedah was so offered by the Sultan of Kedah to the British in exchange for protection against their enemy but did non have any understanding by the higher-ups in the East India Company. However, on 11th August 1876, Captain Francis Light in order to procure Penang Island as port for the British, made an understanding with the Sultan of Kedah by holding to offer protection to Kedah against their enemy without the consent of the company therefore doing the understanding nothing. In 1781, a pact was signed between the Sultan of Kedah and British whereby, an honorarium of 6000 Spanish dollars per annum will be paid to the Sultan which subsequently changed to 10000 Spanish dollars in exchange for the island which was subsequently renamed as the Prince of Wales Island. This sum is still paid by the Malaysia Federal Government boulder clay today. One of the chief heritage sites in Penang today is the Fort Cornwallis as it is the site where the Union Jack was raised. The first township was established nearby called Georgetown. Georgetown was chiefly made up of four chief streets that existed till today such as Beach Street, Light Street, Pitt Street now known as Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling and in conclusion, Chulia Street ( Malayan Explorer, 2008 ) .

Achieving UNESCO Heritage Status

Finally, on 7th July 2008, after 12 long old ages of appraisal after using, Penang Island has eventually achieved its acknowledgment as one of the UNESCO Heritage Status together with the province of Malacca where its singularity in architectural and cultural landscape in it towns makes it so particular compared to any other topographic points ( Malayan Explorer, 2008 ) The rubric has enabled the province to advance to utilize it as a new stigmatization while hiking the touristry industry and the province ‘s economic system.

In the twelvemonth of 2008, Penang has experienced a good twelvemonth as the province managed to convey in a entire sum of 6.3 million tourer based on hotel beginnings excepting tourer that arrive by arrive by sails and those remaining friends and household compared to the twelvemonth before with a entire figure of 5.2 million tourer in the old twelvemonth ( Penangtourism,2009 ) .This position has enabled Penang to pull enthusiastic travellers around the universe by giving them an new option of finish to see.

The acknowledgment of UNESCO Heritage position is an international recognition that highlights the planetary significance of that peculiar country. This is a symbol of honor Penang and great privilege that will able to lend to its societal and economic sector. With the great impact that the position is able to present, to be able to be listed in the World Heritage List is hence, really selective. Achieving this acknowledgment is non a one away award as there are guidelines and duties that have to be followed from clip to clip in order to keep the position as it can be revoked. Penang has pass a sum of 12 old ages in order to accomplish this acknowledgment which both clip consuming and dearly-won to keep preservation of the sites this the committedness and duty to keep this position should non be handled lightly ( Penang Tourism, 2009 ) .

1.3. Contributions

By carry oning this survey, the Penang touristry board will be able to it mensurate the involvement and tendencies of travellers that are fast altering as clip base on ballss. Demands to see and larn more about heritage sites are increasing as consciousness and grasp for these sites are instilled into the younger coevals which are inherited by the older coevals. These heritages are rich with the roots of civilization and the accomplishments that contribute to what Penang is today.

With the universe economic down, catastrophe, clime and possible dainties like terrorist act people are exchanging their traveling options to cheaper, safer the offers an equal value for money touristry musca volitanss which enhance the shifting of tendencies towards touristry heritage. This is because touristry has ever been one of the most resilient industries in the universe despite any given state of affairss ( Koehl,2002 ) . With the excess stigmatization heritage position, this offers the best chance that offers Penang an excess border to hike and maximise the benefits to hike its economic system in footings of gross and employment. ( Imons, et al.n.d ) .

With the given chance and resources that is available, it is besides

reflects importance of the cooperation and private and authorities

organisations that cooperate with each other in order to duplicate the attempt to

maximise the benefits for both parties. This is because there is a positive

relationship between province, touristry industry, locals and tourer.

Problem Statement

The attempt to achieve the UNESCO Heritage Site position was non easy obtained within a short period of clip but has gone through a series of application and besides a rigorous scrutinizing rating procedure which takes up to 12 old ages of With the part in income and benefits that Penang is able to bring forth from position of UNESCO Heritage Site, there are several job statement such as, is Penang able to keep the position of its “ trump card ” in the long tally as this position can be revoked if non decently maintained harmonizing to the standards and demand set by the organisation itself so that a clear line could be adhered to avoid unwanted development in the nucleus zones within the heritage enclaves. ( Penang Economic Monthly,2009 )

Cooperation between the province authorities and the touristry board has to be synchronized and decently planned is of import to guarantee that development program for the province does non collide with the conditions and guidelines drafted by UNESCO in order to avoid the heritage position from being revoked.

Proper financess need to be allocated in so that care and Restoration occupations can be executed from clip to clip as Restoration procedure in for these heritage edifices require particular labour accomplishments that non many is able to execute and different sort of stuffs in order to continue the original manner of the edifices. This will ensue in a higher cost to keep them therefore doing fund a critical portion in keeping this position

Research Question

The research inquiry for this research is as follows:

1. Which are the chief positions that play the chief function in pulling tourer to see


2. What are the current involvement that tourer are looking for?

3. Are the events organized and held interesting and enlightening plenty for the tourer?

4. How is the quality of services offered by staffs in the topographic points of attractive force that are visited?

5. Are the circuit bundles offered plenty to carry through the demands of the tourer?

6. What is the satisfaction degree of tourer towards the heritage sites in Penang?

7. Was Penang able to present and offer a money fulfilling trip to its tourer?

Chapter 2 – Literature reappraisal

As one of the new approaching heritage touristry sites, armed with the profusion and singularity of its ain heritage compared to other topographic points in the universe, Penang has all the chance and resources to advance and market its touristry industry globally but in order to win, it is of import to connote an effectual economic model for any determination devising procedure that is able to assist the province authorities in planning and execution. This is of import as each determination varies as each touristry sector differs from one another every bit good as the impact of it that reflects otherwise on the civilization, people and the economic system of the topographic point. Therefore, a suggestion in extensions of micro economic theoretical accounts such as ecological economic sciences is extremely encouraged to provide to the changeless alterations in tendencies of tourist demand towards a finish and to enable a certain tourer topographic point to keep a sustainable market demand that is important to in hiking the economic system ( Tourism and Hospitality Research,2010 ) .

Tourism is ever considered an industry that can be easy affected by a incidents go oning around it such as terrorist act, epidermis dainties, natural catastrophe and many more but has ever maintain as one of the strongest industry that brings in a major function of maintaining the gross coming in. This is because, tendencies and penchant may alter from clip to clip but non reduced. Therefore, it is critical for Penang touristry to maintain path of the alterations in current tendencies and demand, acknowledge the chance and deduction to the province as a great competitory measure in keeping its sustainability ( Bailey,2010 )

However, by any agencies of advancing a certain heritage site as a touristry topographic point, there are besides concerns about the rushing up in impairment of the sites which means it clashes with the chief purpose UNESCO ‘s mission to continue and conserve the heritage country that is considered a bequest that is handed down by past coevalss. This is an issue that is a immense concern as heritage sites are topographic points from the yesteryear that is unreplaceable and Restoration plants are dearly-won as it takes particular skilled labor and specific stuffs to keep its original construction and manner ( Harrison,2005 ) .

Compared to the yesteryear, where heritage sites are seldom heard and received merely a little niche of demand my visitants, with the consciousness and wonder of travellers to derive cognition, heritages sites around the universe is fast deriving popularity therefore

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