Media Creativity in Making Malaysia a Top Tourist Destination

Malaysia is a country known for it’s passion of making an improvement in every single aspect of the community in order to achieve high level of standards in economics. It is true that the country did contributed massive differences throughout the years of being a developing country. Nevertheless, the rulers are still continues on putting countless of efforts in making the country known for it’s uniqueness and optimism. Most of the rulers are curious about how to make Malaysia’s tourism Industry become excellence.

This happened because many of the world’s population are afford to travel abroad. As a result, this matter becomes the main discussion among of all the rulers of the countries around the globe in order to be the best choice of the tourist’s travel destination. The question is how can we manage to put Malaysia as one of the best place to travel? In my opinion, we should improve the things that we are already have developed.

The government and private sectors should work as one in advancing the technology we already invented, especially human necessities such as transportation and accommodations. We can change the whole statistics even by making slow progress. For example, we can look up to public transportations. Many of the tourists or even Malaysians themselves are struggling in using our country’s public transports.  This is because many of the public transport’s drivers especially the bus drivers did not take the time seriously and is not available everywhere.

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This can make the tourists feel uncomfortable in exploring and experiencing what our country has to offer.

They might not even come here again. Besides, the number of public transports should have been increased too, so that it is easier for the tourists to move from one place to another and discover a lot more within just in a day. For instant, the government needs to pay much more attention to public transports as it not only decrease the havoc traffics but also gives a positive feedbacks from the tourists themselves. authorities like the medias should be creative in promoting Malaysia to the world as many of the people of today didn’t even noticed where Malaysia is located- or even know the beauty of it. The medias also encouraged to be more active in social medias, not just on articles in magazines or the newspapers. We should think of another alternative such as paying the influential people on social medias to promote our own country. Therefore, it could popped out interests from their followers.

They also might consider of planning out a trip to our country when they received a nice review form the people they adore on the internet. It could be some foreigner celebrities, youtubers or even bloggers that received good attention from most people. This is one of a good bait in order to encourage people out there who wants to try out new things. The government and private sectors should also collaborate in making another program like the ‘Cuti-cuti Malaysia’ program so that we can overgrowth the percentage of the tourists. This is shown by the statistics that this kind of program gave quite a huge impacts on the country’s income especially in letting the world knows the real culture and traditions of the Malaysians.

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