The Prodigal Son Of Tommy Wieringa Review

Ludwig Unger, the narrator receives a telegram: “Warren died Catherine”. So he returned to Alburgh, where he had lived for a time with his mother, Marthe, and takes a room at The Whaler. “Look at the Piano Man,” welcomes the bartender him, an old friend with whom he had played in the rugby team. At that time he was sitting in the evening in the bar at the piano, as a nice entertainment for the tourists, and he brought the good pocket money.

Now is Linny Wallace at the bar and nods friendly. You will meet and the next day on the beach promenade get into conversation; Ludwig will tell you his life story, and the novel will end very round, where he takes his start.

In Alburgh Louis life began in Egypt, where he was the son of Bodo Schultz, a famous Austrian artist, was born. Who was excited by his copulating sculptures attention and awarded the contract to build a giant obsidian black tower at Alexandria’s harbor entrance.

But suddenly he disappeared and left next to the unfinished object his little family. Mother Marthe lived reluctant loved her husband still hoping for his return. After five years, the finality she realizes; she leaves Alexandria and flies with Ludwig back to their homeland, the Netherlands. There, her sister Edith is their first port of call with husband Gerard. But the sisters have never understood and Marthe does not keep the state from a long time. She travels from and lets Ludwig with a promise to get him soon, with his aunt and uncle back.

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The boy suffers from emotional pain, constantly having anxiety and feelings of loss; his mother, he developed hatred and anger.

After Marthe is getingelt through Europe, they indeed returns. (“In cats isses just know again until they where’s there is to eat,” said Aunt Edith disparagingly.) The mother bought in England a house, directly to the cliffs – still outside the danger zone, but, says Warren, the seller, by erosion and heavy storm surges, it may be sometime weggerrissen.

The author has a wonderful differerenzierten narrative style. Lively fabulierend and poetic, he describes the exoticism of Alexandria and the activity there. In contrast, exciting dark and menacing mood pictures of the English coastline and the people in the struggle for survival against the elemental forces of the weather towers, reminiscent of Turner’s paintings. To build a wall as a bulwark against the threat of destruction, carts Warren, always optimistic, whole truckloads approach (against the opposition of environmentalists).

Here is growing Ludwig on. Until he is thirteen years old, he spoiled his mother. She loves to embalm him as a make-up doll with black mascara on the eyelashes, with red lipstick, creams and essences. Then coat the boy a sense of corruption, and Mother’s intrusive intimacy disgusts him. A friend shows him a repulsive porn film in which his mother plays the main role. Worse, a boy hardly be disillusioned.

In the further course of action the mother leaves her son again, but he travels to her, looking her in Los Angeles. As Ludwig fights without his psychological injuries with drugs, etc. to stun, is poignant. Although Marthe neither maternal love or devotion still applies sacrifice, Louis outweighs protector sense for them to the bitter death, in spite of disgust and shame. Even his first and only love can it not hold, “Where is your heart?”

While his mother Ludwig contrary – they do not need a savior, he had a Jesus complex and may yet lead his own life – is he confronted with the art of his father. Who have a whole mountain to explode and the action filmed. The document, “abyss” is shown in a museum in Los Angeles. In the destruction Bodo Schultz sees something permanent; Ludwig is, as for the demonstrators outside, an act of violence. Now Louis has two parents in need of salvation, and he wonders seriously, in what manner and with what result their potential well flow together in him. An ego full of violence, and one full of perversions

Once again makes Ludwig set off, this time in search of his father, who has since retreated deep into the jungle of Colombia – no one knows exactly where to go, except inspires Ché Ibarra, the Mozart connoisseur and -Verehrer whose rogue exemplary appearance anxiety. Ludwig wants to bring his father something and finally learn why he left his family. Equally enthralling as in Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”, in Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” and in Herzog’s “Aguirre” the journey goes deep into the wilderness into yourself.

A fascinating novel about a the longing wants to find his home. When the house from the cliffs fell, he fell out of life. And he cries from the depths of child’s mind by his mother, who has left him. I would have loved given this book five stars. But I just can not find any justification for the repulsive dramatic depictions of ugly, unworthy, inhuman sexual practices. I think these passages mitigate the literary quality.

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The Prodigal Son Of Tommy Wieringa Review
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