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Questi0n 1)The term "C0rp0rate S0cial Resp0nsibility (CSR)" can be referred as c0rp0rate initiative t0 assess and take resp0nsibility f0r the c0mpany's effects 0n the envir0nment and impact 0n s0cial welfare. The term generally applies t0 c0mpanies eff0rts that g0 bey0nd what may be required by regulat0rs 0r envir0nmental pr0tecti0n gr0ups. C0rp0rate s0cial resp0nsibility may als0 be referred t0 as "c0rp0rate citizenship" and can inv0lve incurring sh0rt-term c0sts that d0 n0t pr0vide an immediate financial benefit t0 the c0mpany, but instead…...
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Water Scarcity
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Essay’s topic: Water scarcity is one of the key environmental issue of our time. Identify some major causes of water scarcity and describe two solutions. Water plays an important role in developing and maintaining healthy ecosystems. However, water scarcity is an increasing and widespread phenomenon in many countries in the world. Water scarcity refers to either the lack of enough water or lack of access to safe water. The shortage of water is turning out to be more pressing than…...
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Water Crisis and Suggestion for Solutions
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The topic being scientific n nature also made me to contact experts in the field and interview them. Engineer Hussein Madam, President Pakistan Engineering Congress, presently serving as Director General Research, Senate of Pakistan, Islamabad extended great help and provided me with the knowledge which helped me to complete the research paper in a scientific manner. The Library of National Institute of Management, Appeaser, provided me with the books which turned out to be very beneficial tort completing the task.…...
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