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Free essays on Water Resources are typically scholarly works that explore various aspects of water resources, including their management, conservation, and sustainability. These essays may cover a range of topics, such as the impact of human activities on water quality, the role of technology in water resource management, the effects of climate change on water availability, and the importance of preserving natural water sources. They may also discuss policy initiatives and environmental regulations aimed at protecting water resources and promoting their efficient use. Overall, free essays on Water Resources serve as valuable resources for anyone interested in improving our understanding of this critical natural resource.
World and Intrastate Water Conflicts: The Global Hot Spots
Words • 3067
Pages • 13
India-China Water Dispute Brahmaputra River originates in Tibet which is a part of China, and from there it flows into India. China is building many dams on the river in order to control the flow of water from river, and which it can use for its additional gain, and later on to act as hydro hegemony, controlling the major water resources of south Asia. This act of China can lead to a possible water war. Per capita water supply in…...
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The Fight Over Water Extraction in Florida
Words • 2116
Pages • 9
The issue that my paper addresses is water bottling from springs in Florida which has spawned a lot of controversy in the past year. The policy at the center of this issue is the Florida Water Resources Act of 1972, which claimed water from lakes, rivers, and springs as Florida property, but did not assign a monetary value to it. Local residents, conservation activists, tourists, and even outdoors enthusiasts are concerned about their springs which has recently suffered from many…...
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Problem of Accessibility of Water in Philippines
Words • 1333
Pages • 6
In 1993 the Board of the World Bank endorsed a Water Resources Management Policy Paper (WRMPP). In that paper, and in this Strategy, water resources management comprises the institutional framework (legal, regulatory and organizational roles), management instruments (regulatory and financial), and the development, maintenance and operation of infrastructure (including water storage structures and conveyance, wastewater treatment, and watershed protection). The 1993 Policy Paper reflected the broad global consensus that was forged during the Rio Earth Summit of 1992. This consensus…...
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Water Scarcity in Pakistan Issues and Options
Words • 2012
Pages • 9
Pakistan is the world's sixth-most populous country. Nonetheless, geographical location and weather patterns do not support continuous year-round water supplies. Available water supplies are under high stress to meet human, agricultural, and industrial demands. The condition has worsened over the years as the water profile of the world has gone from ample water to water tension since independence. Therefore, our current water resources, the demands for these resources, water availability issues and the implications of water problems need to be…...
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Depletion of Oceanic Resources
Words • 2851
Pages • 12
The Ocean provides human beings with many living as well as Non-living resources. In the opinion of Griffis, to be maintained for adequate use by future generations, these resources must be managed in a proper manner (Griffis, 2013). The living resources comprises of various spices of Fishes which serve as a food source for a considerable amount of world population while non-living resources include various minerals such as oil and gas that are in a limited quantity and has to…...
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Water Equity in Tourism: A Case of Goa, India
Words • 1934
Pages • 8
Background Goa located on the west coast of India, in the Konkan region, is under the influence of two major global biomes of the Western Ghats. Thus, within the geographical area of Goa. There is a wide range of ecosystems and habitats like forests, Ghats, alluvial plains, coasts, rivers, estuaries, mangroves, wetlands, etc. Through history, the inhabitants of Goa have been successful in their interaction with these natural systems. Through the Khazans – saline land cultivations on lands reclaimed over…...
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Development of Sustainable Water Resources
Words • 1604
Pages • 7
Overview This water conservation plan is intended to bring the City of Clovis into alignment with the two new laws enacted by Governor Jerry Brown on May 31, 2018, AB1668 and SB606. This plan will work in conjunction with the current City of Clovis Urban Water Management Plan. The strategy herein is focused on how to reduce municipal water use by the specified 20% (urban per capita), which brings daily use down to 55 gallons per person per household through…...
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Sustainable Water Asset Management System for Madurai City
Words • 1840
Pages • 8
Abstract This paper deals with the need to sustain the water resource management for Madurai city. Water is essential for sustaining life and at the same time, it is an important component of almost all developmental activities. Effective strategies must consider not only managing the water conservation, but also managing demand better. Sustainable management of water resources is multidimensional and complex process. The purpose of the water management system is to ensure the water storage from available resources. Due to…...
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Water Crisis and Suggestion for Solutions
Words • 4592
Pages • 19
The topic being scientific n nature also made me to contact experts in the field and interview them. Engineer Hussein Madam, President Pakistan Engineering Congress, presently serving as Director General Research, Senate of Pakistan, Islamabad extended great help and provided me with the knowledge which helped me to complete the research paper in a scientific manner. The Library of National Institute of Management, Appeaser, provided me with the books which turned out to be very beneficial tort completing the task.…...
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