Development of The Guality of Life of Present And future Generations

Being able to live in healthy surroundings, with an adequate standard of living and a way of life that is physically, intellectually and morally satisfying. Our decisions and actions all have an impact on the environment, and society.

It’s a stable relationship between human activities and the natural world, which does not diminish the prospects for future generations to enjoy a quality of life at least as good as our own. The idea of environmentally sustainable economic growth is not new, many cultures over the course of human history have recognized the need for harmony between the environment, and society. The goal of which is to achieve balance/harmony between environment sustainability, and socio-political sustainability. The Concept of “Sustainable Development.” had appeared during the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution was a prosperous period especially in the development of urbanization in countries, it did not only influence the economy but also humanity as well. The industrial age has increased the rates of urbanization in all countries by building factories and manufactures to reshape the economy by boosting production through technology and new power machines.

Despite the drastic increase in economic growth, the chemicals and fuels used in factories were resulting in water pollution. Industrial waste was dumped into freshwater resources, causing further pollution to potable water. Due to water pollution, people lack access to clean potable water, leading to severe dehydration and fatal diseases. Back then they lacked awareness and understanding of how this situation will cause severe water scarcity to the present generation.

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ifferent toxins found in contaminated water links to causing fatal health risks. Mainly, the water contamination arises from the human feces thrown in the water, which contains pathogenic organisms. The natural chemical toxins found underground are mixed up with freshwater sources such as arsenic, fluoride, selenium and uranium, and iron and manganese. There are also several sources in which these chemical toxins come from: the agrochemicals, like pesticides used from agriculture in soil, is a source of chemical toxin where the chemicals get combined with the surface of fresh water, resulting in water contamination. Industrialization and agriculture play a major role in water pollution, industries throw out the hot water from cooling engines and this warms up the water as well as decreases the metabolic rate of organisms as well as contaminating the water sources. The contamination of water makes it impossible for human consumption and usage.

All these factors resulted from industrial practices that occurred since the “industrial age,” water inefficiency has emerged since the 1800s. The production side has developed after the industrial revolution and created economic and financial growth in all countries. It created an environmental degradation including water inefficiency which now led to extreme water scarcity levels in many countries. Diseases that are caused by water pollution vary, but there are some dangerous risks that threaten people’s lives. Diarrheal diseases are mainly caused by microbial contamination because of the pathogen organisms in water. Then, exposure of drinking water contaminated by chemicals has the highest risk in causing cancer. For instance, the waterborne arsenic, which comes from disposing wastes from industries to water, is responsible for causing skin, bladder, and in serious cases liver cancer . The Indian sub-continent region is more exposed to waterborne arsenic due to well tubes that are dug in there. In addition to the chemical contamination, the agricultural chemicals can affect infants with a baby-blue syndrome or even unborn babies if a pregnant mother was exposed to drinking chemically polluted water. Not only grown-up but also infants are prone to infection.

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