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Stories that Tell about Our Past, Present and Future
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In recent years, the average American goes to the movie theatre five times a year meanwhile most Americans have never seen a musical or a play on Broadway. Watching a film is preferred among newer generations. But what makes the film so powerful? The film has become the center of modern culture, its special effects and the way it captures every small detail Are what have made people so intrigued by it. Movies like Beast of No Nation, Ready Player…...
Ready Player One
“Ready Player One” Steven Spielberg
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Famous movie producer Steven Spielberg creates the sci-fi activity experience 'Ready Player One,' in view of Ernest Cline's success of a certain game. Which has turned into an overall marvel. The film is set in the year of 2045, with the world on the very edge of bedlam and crumple. The general population has discovered salvation in the OASIS, a broad augmented simulation universe made by the splendid and flighty James Halliday. Once Halliday dies he leaves his enormous fortune…...
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