Stories that Tell about Our Past, Present and Future

In recent years, the average American goes to the movie theatre five times a year meanwhile most Americans have never seen a musical or a play on Broadway. Watching a film is preferred among newer generations. But what makes the film so powerful? The film has become the center of modern culture, its special effects and the way it captures every small detail Are what have made people so intrigued by it.

Movies like Beast of No Nation, Ready Player One, and Under The Moon have influenced and reflected on society today.

These stories that are being told say about our past, present, and future. They remind people of who they were, who they are, and who they might become. Movies like these provide awareness and knowledge of the world and open people’s minds. For example, Ready player one talks about how in the past we’re going technology will one day take over our lives. It makes people realize the effect technology is having on kids.

Making some people wanna prevent it. Meanwhile Under The Moon is about an immigrant trying to pass the border to the US. This movie is describing events going on in today’s society. It Shows the side of Immigrants helping people understand and bring knowledge about what is going on maybe even inspiring individuals in supporting people who are struggling with this. Meanwhile Beast Of No Nations tells the story of a child soldier in Africa. This movie talks about how even today there are child soldiers.

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It makes one realize how lucky they are and how the world could be a dark place seeing as not everyone is born with the same privileges as one. Films today range from all types of societies and cultures. They have become a way to express people’s opinions and thoughts about humanity and the world.

Through the years the film industry has grown dramatically. Today visual effects seem so real. Movies like Interstellar, Gravity, Inception, and Hugo make people feel like they are in a different world. Visual effects have also helped set a setting and have made the vision of the director making it more believable. They make one feel lost in another universe where anything is possible. This helps one get into the storyline and let go of their stress and problems for a little while. For example, gravity made people feel like they were seeing two people get lost in space. Today anything you think or imagine can become possible through the film.

Visual effects might be a big part of the film industry but it doesn’t make a powerful performance. Actors are the only ones that can do that with their vulnerability. Actors are the ones that let you see the human side of people. They are the ones that affect people in many different ways. Actors are the ones that give you the chills just by their tone of voice, the way they deliver a line, or just their facial expressions. The film is so different from anything else because it captures every little detail. Every breath every movement an actor does is captured on screen making one want to cry, laugh, get angry, or sad just by watching. They make you feel a part of their story and their journey.

Although the theater is a place where people go to escape film has also become something similar. The film has obtained a powerful medium where it’s so accessible and everyone loves to see it. it can affect change and people in many different ways. It is becoming the new theater, especially for the new generations to come.

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